UE3 - UT3 Freezing when jumping in editor

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Crimson Engage

New Member
Dec 4, 2012
For some reason when i test my map in the editor and i'm moving in any direction and jump my character just freezes until i let go of the key (w,a,s or d depending on which direction i'm going.

It even happens to the bots. They can't jump across a platform because when they jump and move in a direction they get stuck in the air.

I'm not sure what i accidentally did for this to happen. It also happens if i'm walking off the side of a platform. The only way to fall back to the ground is to stop holding the key.

It's never done this before and I don't know how to fix it.

Note- Also, if I stand in place and press space, i can jump just fine. My guy only get's stuck in the air when i press space and a direction.
I'v also loaded other maps in the editor and i can move around fine when jumping.

Here is a video I made- Sorry if it's low quality it's still being processed.
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