for ppl who hate campers :)

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Aug 25, 2004
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Yeah, HL2: DM Overwatch campers suck... But the Grenade Launcher trick owns 'em ;)

And in CS, if you don't spot the camper you have to wait the whole round... But another teammate would see you die, and work out where the camper is from the way your body fell (benefit of ragdoll physics ;) )

But in this... You get camped, and then what? You respawn, remember where the camper was, and go kick his ass. Tankcampers? Use a Manta/Raptor/immediate-lock AVRiL/nuke. Easy :)

Spawncamping is another issue entirely... although even that can be countered if you're good.


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Apr 2, 2000
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Ghost3021 said:
i also snipe on teamplay maps. CTF-Face is the best! :D
nice sig btw renamon ;)

don't you mean facing worlds 3?

hey i like to help my team in ctf face3 on instagib by picking off snipers on the other side at my tower.I like to consider it support I guess WWII was loaded with campers and they shouldn't have won.
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