First Impressions

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New Member
Oct 1, 2004
I'll admit, since I saw the first screenshots of Eon, I've needed to play it. Finally, I downloaded the pre-alpha, and I must say that I'm impressed.

The overall graphical feel is very good, and I love the style and design of the characters/races. The world displayed in the test level is lush, and will make for some excellent gaming. The feel of walking around as some monstrous Shepherd is truly great, as is hurtling across the map as the swift Shrike.

I do have a few minor quibbles, though (however I do realise that this is very early in the dev. cycle). I'll not bother you about animation, hit detection or anything like that - I know that those are things that simply need to be refined during the process. However, I noticed that damages were inconsistent, for the Legionnaire's rifle anyway. The Shepherd's health is displayed as 75, while the Legionnaire's is 100, yet it only takes 3 bullets to kill a Legionnaire as opposed to the 32 required to kill a Shepherd.

Also, I don't feel that damage should be taken by the Beast side for running into walls, etc. (or at least not to the degree it is now). I also feel that (as a Shrike) my stamina ran out far too quickly. Perhaps a "sprint" toggle, as is common, may be used instead of constantly running out of stamina. And, while you will no doubt already realise this, the sound could use a little fleshing out (ie. add a little "oomf" to the guns, etc).

Aside from all that, I think you guys are doing an awesome job (and are no doubt fullly aware of the things I've brought up). I look forward to final product (or even the beta!). Seriously, good stuff - I can't wait for more! :)