few lil things :)

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New Member
Dec 22, 2005
well my comp went a lil nuts and i forgot about TO (yes shame on me oh the shame the shame of it all) but im back with a few lil things

storyline well i was telling a friend about the mod but i coulnt find the story line any where i tryed to describe as best as i could but all i manged to say was mechs BOOM RATTATAT BOOM *insain giggle* and so on it would be nice if the story line went back on the website :)

allso im very heavly invested in some games (latist get rich quick shceam) so i was wondring roughly a month befor the mod is out could we get a shout out saying it will be out so i can finsh all the games and play 2004 other wise ill forget about the games and be addicted to the mod :)

any way keep up the good work hi to all the new staff