Error: Master server unreachable...

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Koohii o nomimasu ka?
I sent a PM to erehwoN and Beppo today asking for their help. I'll send Beppo an email tomorrow morning.

If we cannot get SOB to put the server up again, I'd like to put a new one up and ask SOB to redirect the original DNS entry towards the new server IP. That way it would be transparent to the end-user using the default .ini settings. But I can't do that alone, and no one on SOB is answering my post (not that anyone is answering any post on their forum).

But to start with, a news post needs to be officially made on the INF news page. Bad news are not important, this is.


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Jan 18, 2004
Quebec, Canada
I got a server shared between friends somewhere on a 10mbit (no, it wont make a game server, only p3 1ghz) but if the thing to list servers is not too cpu intensive I could have a look to put it on that server (btw it's running linux :D )

Or you allready have a server in mind? (or ask Odie to host it?)