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Equality and free speech is dead (Long)....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by OICW, Aug 22, 2001.

  1. OICW

    OICW Reason & Logic > Religion

    Mar 18, 2000
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    just had an interesting night on IRC.

    I don't have an homepage up so I'll post up excerpts of the log via copy and paste.

    In Australia, in sydney recently, there have been a bunch of gang rapes of white women by middle-eastern gangs. This is not being racist, it's the rape victim's reports.

    I posted up an message saying how I did not like ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who claimed welfare and then did not bother getting a job. Get this straight- I have NO QUARREL WHATSOEVER with immigrants who arrive here, work hard and raise a family with good morals.

    The vast majority of those immigrants in the 1970s made Australia what it is. An very multi-cultural country * society. But, when I express those opinions, I get called a "nazi ****" and a lot worse. In fact, Australia got called an "white empire" by micey.

    "<kMetalMicey> Cos you need to protect your little white empire

    <BadMojo> **** it
    <OICW> micey- I have many asian people at my school. I have no problem with them, in fact quite a few of them are my friends. It's these 'welfare people" who put their hand out. Hard working migrants are fine in my books and there are many of them, decent people out there
    <poaw> Well going by that logic jaunty you shouldn't really be there either"

    I express my view several times and jaunty and I still got attacked for it.

    <jaunty> i never said they're evil, or they should be killed, they should be sent home, and if they want to be here that badly, they can come through the proper channels
    <BadMojo> I wish I hadn't made this a no-kick, anything-goes channel
    * The_Fur shoots oicw
    <BadMojo> trusting people's intelligence is always stupid
    <kMetalMicey> You guys are just vessels for the fascist right, which I understand is gaining popularity all the time in Australia"

    Facist? right, an outsider who knows nothing about my country now claims to know about it's Government.

    But it gets worse from there.

    "<kMetalMicey> There IS plenty to go around
    <jaunty> not here, mate
    <kMetalMicey> jesus christ
    <poaw> Well there is plenty to go around
    *** The_Fur is now known as brain_dead
    <kMetalMicey> Open your ****ing mind j
    <jaunty> if there was, i wouldn't be sweeping fallen plaster from my desk at school that just fell from the roof
    <poaw> Compared to say, Vietnam, you guys have streets paved in gold
    <OICW> poaw- not when there are massive lack of funding in major hospitals and education
    <jaunty> we do, but we dont have enough to cater for our current population..
    <kMetalMicey> You just cant see the bigger picture, either of you
    <jaunty> let alone a few thousand immigrants"

    Now, it moved onto the treatment of Aborigines. Fur chipped in and gobbed off about australia, like we knew nothing about it.

    "<The_Fur> the aboriginals should kick your sorry asses off the damn island
    <BadMojo> I'll flood it as I please
    <poaw> Just because many stole from a few doesn't make it ok
    <jaunty> The_Fur: why?
    <jaunty> poaw: we didn't steal
    <The_Fur> damn you are stupid
    <OICW> fur- there was an policy of 'protection" of the aborigines until the early 1880s when British views changed because of the the theory of "surival of the fittest". THEN there were the rounding up of the aborigines and camps
    <jaunty> no we didn't
    <kMetalMicey> YOU DIDNT?
    <OICW> see above fur
    <BadMojo> no
    <jaunty> we didn't do what the americans did to indians
    <BadMojo> jaunty did not rape the aboriginal's land
    <The_Fur> OICW: point? You still raped them
    <BadMojo> I refuse to be classified for what my antecendants did"

    Having done Australian history and having learnt about the settlement of Australia for over 5years, I think i know a bit about MY OWN COUNTRY. The date may be off, but it WAS in the 1800s, the early part of it.

    So, basically, I get insulted,v called an Nazi because i have an view on events in my own ****ing country. well excuse ME :mad:

    there's plenty to share. I disagree with that. australia's healthy system is in a crisis, education is messed up and so on.

    sorry if some australians decided to look after themslves than illegal immigrants who rip off the system.

    "<kMetalMicey> These are all just excuses for your racism
    <jaunty> poaw: not here..
    <OICW> micey- they have their visas processed while being detained and they get more medical benefits than I under the public system. "

    For your information board- an illegal immigrant can arrive here and claim free health (medicare) food, shelter and other care while other people who live here can not. Thus, myself and jaunty were showing our views of the situation.

    Moral of the story? Express a view on people who are not your race, be called a nazi and have your country insulted by a guy who doesn't know anything about it or it's domestic affairs.

    This world had better blow itself up if this kind of **** continues on unchecked :mad:

    EDIT: micey has expressed his views to me and I am now statisfied that he believed that I was an totally anti-immigrant person, which i'm not and thus the dispute has ended.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2001
  2. jaunty

    jaunty If you disagree with me, you're wrong.

    Apr 30, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Just to verify this, I'll upload the log, so that everyone can se exactly what was said by all aprties, and make their own decisions. (Dont mind Mojo, he was having a little spam war with himself.)

    I myself, agree with everything that OICW says. I am not racist. I live around, work with, and go to school with people of so many different races, creeds and cultures, that I've lost count.

    Sydney is one of the most multicultural cities on earth. Australia is one of the most accepting countries on earth. Some people find it nice to abuse our generosity. They decide they'll come here on a boat, put their bags down, and walk down to the welfare office.

    This is not the Australian way.

    When the big emmigration boom started here in the 70's, many europeans came out here, and they got themselves a job, they sent their children to school, to learn english, and everything else that's needed in the western world.

    Now, people dont even bother trying to attain citizenship before they try to get into the country, then they scream discrimination when we dont let them in, or put them in Detention Camps (Dont let the name fool you, I'd pay good money to live in one of those camps. They get 3 meals a day, and any food they want ontop of that, as well as clothes, food, shelter, health care, and a nice fat T1 pipe.)

    We have a right to know who's coming into our country. We have a right to know if they have a criminal record. Especially in Sydney, considering we're now seeing the Triads take a firm hold of some of the city, and less organised middle eastern gangs take over other parts.

    I'm not a racist, I'm not a nazi, I'd like to see more good honest hard working people come into the country. But if you want into this country, you get in like anyone else has to, not on a boat through some legal loophole.

    As I said, their means of arrival isn't the major problem, their reason for arrival is the problem. They want money, they want a nice house, and they want a nice car. So do the other 18 million aussies, but for the most part (I'd say a good 85-90%), they actually go out and work for the money they want/need. They dont call walking up to the 'dole office "work".

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