Does anyone play Unreal or Unreal Gold Infiltration ?

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4 servers is online
3 of them is tdm and 1 coop server
I think it would be good to have one EAS or AS server
I personally look at least 2x every day if some server have at least 8 players to play TDM or EAS. I dont playCoop missions. It s boring for me.Coop have some players.
I have to say that I am surprised thet this Forum have well attended but does not have players to play TDM or Eas. From the statistics on my ftp infiltration 2.9 CE 2011 was only 23 x downloads :(

In one of the computers I have everything ready to open the EAS server is lit but I have 2 computer in which the master server and Ventrilo server I use another so that I find it funny that a third lit a blank.

Look this 3.1 2012 10:44 on my time in slovenia lol forum today.JPG

This is the link for those who are interested how many servers and players are online. Infiltration server radar small and good :)
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Jun 2, 2009
What he said^
I'd allso play TDM/EAS over COOP every time. Its just the lack of players...