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Feb 26, 2005
Name: DM-1on1-Agitation110V2

Version: Final

Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004

Description: This is a remake of DM-1on1-Agitation110 by Derek "D.J.P." Paredes, basically i have changed the gameplay for faster more fluid action, with the single idea of speed, making this map a bit harder a lot of fun to play.

Comments: This is my first go at mapping i thought i did well :)


Credits: Ok would like to thank kAoS.gammo for helping with the redesign & lighting of the map an also clan kAoS for testing it, saroner for the sky an terrain for the outside of the map from DM-Akbal2k4, Etienne "E.T" Morasse for the ramps near the 50a from DM-Rusing, Rogelio "Desperado2" for the glass on the floor from TelMecoMex, Olguin BerneyBoy for the tile texture for the floor from his awsome Texture pack


Download: .Download Here
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