Dead Pool Collection

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The Purple Bunny

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Jun 27, 2003
Hot South GA
This map is old, I mean 3 years old. I started this map in mid-late 2001, and finished in Jan 2002, with the last version release in April 2002. It's the only map I've made, I haven't made one since. If I could get into UEd 3 I'd like to get back to it.

This map is based on the Dead Pool stage from Mortal Kombat II. I built the main room to match the stage in that game, then expanded to my own imagination. Along the way I turned the map into a Domination arena, building a complex of 3 stories high, with a control point on each floor.

I was trying to avoid any n00b mistakes, as I was serious about this map, while at the same time not knowing anything about mapping completely. As such, the map is pretty much cubic, no trim, lighting is somewhat a shame, though I did learn a few tricks. Only real problem that I found out too late was the teleporters being the major connection to the other floors, with no real alternative.

The slime in the main room uses a custom fire texture made in UEd 2, where the slime meets walls. On faster PC's, this texture will move at a much faster rate than it should. The slime texture in this room is a plain green texture, set to modulated, mirror, unlit. This makes the texture reflective and more matches the MK game's design of the liquid. All the textures were ripped from MK2 and MK3, the walls, walkways, doors, pillars use these textures.

The outside is a super-large slime pool, for what reason God only knows, my use of the cliche knows no bounds. I made the lights under the slime pulse and have wavy reflection of surfaces. The skybox uses 8 sides instead of 4, because 4 didn't look as aligned and open enough as 8 sides did.

The build ended up way too overscaled, resulting in too much openness and everything looking "giant". The skull-like symbols around are from MK3's chapel stage, the symbol on the floor. I added it to some box textures, and made a brush in the 2D shape editor to match. It originally caused BSP problems but cutting it in half and merging two pieces fixed it.

The lighting is both too bright and too dark at the same time. I knew nothing about lighting a UT map, and stuck the sources where you see the brushes that are meant to be sources. The DM version has some surface problems on the large celing lights, they don't show the white surface and stay black.

The bot pathing is not perfect. They do follow the paths I give them to an extent. They will go through the thin area to the outside, but stairways tend to be their problem. Otherwise I don't really see them just standing around doing nothing. Even in the DM version when they go for objects along the rim of the slime tank, they'll either fall into the slime, or they'll succeed in going around the rim, seems random.

I made this map into a DM version, removing the control points and changing weapon / health layout, as well as an enhanced shock rifle. The "dark" version was my own experimentation in lighting and isn't meant to be a real map to play with, but you may still find it fun. Instead of making a zip for each version, I compiled them into one zip.

I do not intend to try anything with this map after 3 years of it being "finished", and 3 years of my not using it. I'd rather take my map skills to another level. This map didn't exactly turn out how I wanted, and I know I didn't exactly know what I was doing fully, but it was a challenge to actually make something.

Map images
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Boots of Spanish Rubber
Apr 4, 2004
(shrugs) It looks like it has potential. I'd give it a polish and do a re-release. Or you could..(coughs)...kindly hand it off to someone...