DA2 Developers Guide to Bugs, Requests, and General Improvements

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Mar 20, 2002
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** DA2 Developers Guide to Bugs, Requests, and General Improvements [Updated 12/26]**

This is a guide designed to aid the DA2 team in organizing and prioritizing items being added or fixed in upcoming releases of Defence Alliance 2.

Da Team: Please notify me if any of these have been completed and I will change the guide accordingly.

Current Version = Beta 1.0.0
Next Release = Beta 1.1


0) I am NOT FINISHED. I will be collecting other people's suggestions/ideas found in other threads and adding them to this guide over the next week. This is a work in progress so please be patient.

1) DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. ONLY post if you have an item you wish to add this list.

2) Most of this is my own personal opinion so obviously it is rather subjective and open to criticism. If you feel an items priority needs to be adjusted then please post in a respectable manner.

3) Please be mature and don't spam this thread. I have started another thread for discussion on this developers guide. It can be found here...


4) Primary Sections are denoted in Red.
5) Subsections are denoted in Orange.

6) If you wish to submit any additional items please stick to the following protocol so I can easily add them to the list.

############ [Item Breakdown] ############

An item is identified and referred to by it's call number.
The first letter indicates what Primary Section it is in.
B = Bugs
L = Wish List

The second letter indicates what subsection it is in.
G = Overall Gameplay
H = Hud / Menus / User Interface
W = Weapons
S = Class Specific
M = Maps
C = Cosmetic

The number simply indicates the chronological order that the item was introduced.

The bracketed number following this is the priority rating.
[1] = very low priority
[9] = very high priority

The parentheses contains whether this particular item has been resolved or not.
Incomplete = This item has not been resolved in any form.
Completed = This item has been resolved completely.
Resolved = This item has been resolved to a level that mostly fixes the problem though not necessarily in the manner requested.

The items title follows the "-"

Below all of this is a description with clarifications and side comments.

########### [End Item Breakdown] ###########

7) Again, please be mature and don't spam this thread. I have started another thread for discussion on this developers guide. It can be found here...


8) I will do my best to keep items in order of higher priority to lower priority for each Subsection.

9) I will also do my best to add/change/fix things as quickly as possible as they are brought to my attention.

[Begin Developer Guide Section]


Overall Gameplay

B.G.1. [7] (Incomplete) - Ladders are near impossible to "climb" down.

Edit: I discovered that climbing down ladders is pretty much only possible by using the down arrow. You have to face up and away from the direction you are going (down) and use the down arrow in order to successfully climb down them. Basically, face the same direction you would if you were going up the ladder. I will drop priority because of this.

HUD / Menus / User Interface


B.W.6. [8] (Incomplete) - Crouching with Infantry - When crouching with the Infantry (and sniper apparently) you have varying levels of crouching "height" depending on whether you are using the scope of your weapon or not.
Use the following link for a much clearly explanation of the problem and experiments I have done to test the bug...

B.W.1. [7] (Incomplete) - Mechanic's pistol - Can't switch weapons when you are using your sites.
If you are using the Mechanic's pistol, you are not able to switch weapons until you stop using your sites.
I have not tested this with other classes' weapons.

B.W.4. [6] (Incomplete) - Ammo Boxes - Ammo boxes can be "used" even when you already have full ammo/full complement of grenades.

B.W.3. [6] (Incomplete) - Turrets / Ammo Boxes - Turrets, while being constructed, should lose construction progress instead of hit points when taking enemy fire.
There have been many occasions where I was building a turret and it was taking fire so suddenly I'd be repairing a partially built turret. This makes sense. However, there were times where I would be at about 50% and my turret was taking so much fire that it's HP were down to about 20% even though construction progress was well beyond 50%. At that moment I realized there was no reason to continue building and instead I deconstructed it and started over since it was faster. This last point DOESN'T make sense.

Possible Solution: Make enemy fire reduce the progress of the turret being built instead of reducing it's HP (Especially since the progress should already be an indicator of the current HP so far.)

B.W.6. [8] (Incomplete) - Crouching with Infantry - When crouching with the Infantry (and sniper apparently) you have varying levels of crouching "height" depending on whether you are using the scope of your weapon or not.

Use the following link for a much clearly explanation of the problem and experiments I have done to test the bug...

B.W.2. [5] (Incomplete) - Turrets - Fix / Increase rotation speed of turrets when they are manned by a human player.
I can't tell if this is a bug or on purpose. Either way it is silly that the AI would be able to rotate the turret faster than a human running the same powered controls.

B.W.5. [7] (NOT A BUG/REMOVED) - Machine Gunner's machine gun - Reload animation only shows reload of clip/box when you use the reload button. However, if you run out of ammo and it automatically reloads the machine gun shows the reload of the clip/box AND it shows you cock the weapon.
In other words the reload animation and reload time is not consistent (It is shorter for the manul reload) between automatically reloading after emptying the machine gun and manually reloading at any other time.

Hunz -
  • Thats how automatic weapons work: If you just pull off the clip, there is still a bullet in the chamber. If you have shot all bullets and then reload, you have to cock your weapon to load a bullet into the chamber.
Class Specific


B.M.1. [6] (Incomplete) - Triumph - Victory message the same regardless of the actual results.
Defenders won this match yet take a look at what the victory screen said.
DA2 - Triumph (B.M.1.) Defenders won but look!.JPG


B.C.1. [1] (Incomplete) - Unexpected - Railings on the platforms attached around the tower in the center of the base are not skinned from different sides.
This is rather minor and don't even know if it's worth fixing.
Screenshot upon request.


Overall Gameplay

L.G.4a. [8] (Incomplete) - Change crouch to a toggle.
(i.e. Hit the "crouch" key once to crouch, hit it again to resume standing.) I crouch so much it seems pointless to have to hold it for long periods of time. Plus, sometimes I try to hit too many keys at once (while crouching) and my PC speaker starts yelling at me.

- AND/OR -

L.G.4b. [8] (Incomplete) - Add a keybind to toggle crouching.

L.G.7. [7] (Incomplete) - Add a 10 second countdown to the end of each match.
Makes the last seconds more intense. It wouldn't hurt to have a 5 and 2 minute warning also.

L.G.5. [6] (Incomplete) - Add the ability to give bots more specific orders.
I'd love to be able give bots orders (Though whether all of them listen is

L.G.8. [5] (Incomplete) - Make the objective alarms slightly louder and more distinctive.
I didn't even know they existed until recently and at first I just thought it was part of the song since it was so low and filled with bass.
Possible Solution: Woooiit, woooitt (similar to the alarms in Farcry)

L.G.9. [5] (Incomplete) - Add an indicator that let's both teams know how much time has been added to the clock when time is awarded for the completion of an objective.
Besides remembering how much time was left BEFORE an objective was completed, it is hard to tell how much time has been rewarded back onto the clock.
Also, perhaps in the objectives display it should say how much time will be earned if the next one is completed. (This would be more specific to the map builders I guess)

L.G.2. [5] (Incomplete) - Reinstate having "prep time" before a battle begins.
Very similar to how DA1 gave you time to prepare for the onslaught.

Give defenders time to prepare a defence. Give attackers time to build turrets or just prepare their plan of attack, etc.
Both sides would ONLY be allowed to move around their staging area / base.

This was a great time for people to chat and get to know each other also.

I realize this may be rather difficult to enforce (keeping forces from attacking each other prematurely) but it'd be nice to have again even if it's only like 30 seconds or so.

L.G.6. [3] (Incomplete) - Ability to push attackers back to a previous objective by giving defenders counter objectives.
Basically, defenders would be able to push attackers back if they could somehow complete an objective of their own. (i.e. Reclosing a barricade by rerouting control; something to that effect.) This would be mostly on a map-to-map basis.

L.G.1a. [9] (Resolved) - Make attackers more numerous. 40/60, Defender/Attacker ratio.
This would help balance out Defenders superior standing and would balance out the power of turrets.
i.e. Say you have a game of 20 players. 8 would be defenders 12 would be attackers.

- AND/OR -

L.G.1b. [9] (Completed) - Decrease spawn time for attackers by a second or two.
This would punish defenders more for dying and simulate more attackers.

DA|aBsOlUt -
  • Attackers do spawn much quicker now, defenders even slower but we are balancing this further more
L.G.3. [8] (Completed) - Adjust point system for Mechanics and Medics.
Medics and Mechanics should recieve points for doing what they were made to do; supporting their buddy troops.

Possible Point Breakdown:
Mechanic - 1pt per 500 pts of damage repaired.
Medic - 1pt per 400 health healed.

This may seem a bit unfair to medics but they can heal a lot of guys at once AND still shoot at the opposing team thus earning additional points.

This would reward Medics who stick around groups of teammates who need healing and would reward Mechanics who keep the weapons and ammo boxes repaired.

I have no idea how easy/hard this might be to implement.

DA|aBsOlUt -
  • Medics receive score for healing players
  • Mechanics receive score for building or repairing objects
HUD / Menus / User Interface

L.H.6. [8] (Incomplete) - Put "Defenders Win!" or "Attackers Win!" at the top of the victory screen.
There were plenty of times I wasn't sure if the defenders won or the attackers won. The victory message at the bottom of the end sequences are not always clear.

L.H.1. [7] (Incomplete) - Display the scoreboard at end of a match.
Self-explanatory. I want to know how well each of us did.

L.H.9. [6] (Incomplete) - Automatically spawn after "spawncounter" reaches zero.
I hate it when the spawncounter reaches zero, and I still have to click to spawn. Sometimes i'm waiting for nothing, or clicking too early, it's kind of frustating sometimes. Imo it would be better to have a auto-spawn feature which could be turned off if desired. {FukMeHo}

L.H.7. [5] (Incomplete) - Put a "cross" icon over Medics and a "wrench" icon over Mechanics that is viewable only by teammates.
This would help teammates find the support personnel they need or who they should be protecting, etc. Don't make the icons too big so they are imposing. Just enough to let us find what we are looking for.

Alternative Solution: I know we want to keep the skins green and grey but perhaps the Medic could have Red bands across his arms and Red crosses on front and back of the helmet. Same idea for Mechanic but use Gold and a wrench instead.

L.H.10. [5] (Incomplete) - HUD indicator telling the remaining number of HP the current objective still has.
Much like assualt, either a graphical or a numerical representation of the overall remaining "strength" of an objective.

L.H.8. [2] (Incomplete) - Different Team Colors in Scoreboard.
Show the two teams as two different colors instead of all red.

Possible Solution:
1) Defender = Blue, Attacker = Red
2) Defender = Green, Attacker = Grey (as per skins)

L.H.3. [9] (Completed) - Display the time remaining in match on the HUD.
Self-explanatory. {Rob}

DA|aBsOlUt -
  • Gametime shows on HUD
L.H.4. [6] (Completed) - Make it easier to see status of turrets and teammates.
Increase how far away the crosshair can be in order to display the health / HP of teammates, turrets, and ammo boxes. Currently I have to have my crosshairs right in the center of a teammate to see his health or the HP of a turret / ammo box.

DA|aBsOlUt -
  • Increased Traced distance for Turret and player Information
L.H.2. [4] (Resolved) - Display "time remaining before spawn" on scoreboard too.
Can't see "Time remaining until spawn" when looking at the scoreboard. And since the scoreboard automatically shows up after a few seconds it makes it really annoying not knowing when you are going to suddenly spawn into battle.

DA|aBsOlUt -
  • Scoreboard does not show up anymore after you are dead
L.H.5a. [3] (Completed) - Place numbers next to each class in the "class selection menu".
This would help make it easier and faster for new players to learn (and old players to remember) how to choose their class quickly in the "class selection menu".

- AND -

L.H.5b. [3] (Completed) - Place numbers next to each turret/ammo box in the Mechanic's "construction menu".
This would help make it easier and faster for new players to learn (and old players to remember) how to choose what they want to construct in the Mechanic's "construction menu".

DA|aBsOlUt -
  • Numbers have been placed into the GUI choose class/build structure

L.W.1. [4] (Incomplete) - Make physical crosshairs on gun models thinner.
I have a hard time seeing my target when I use them because they are so large and imposing.

Class Specific

L.S.2. [8] (Incomplete) - Mechanic - Ability to bind a key to build a turret or ammobox without having to use the menu.
Much like how you built structures in DA1. {FukMeHo}

L.S.3. [7] (Incomplete) - Medic - Change medic's healing capabilities.
For such a fast paced game the medic can not heal fast enough. Its useless even when you take cover becuase it takes so long to revive health. {Dcode}

Possible solutions:
1) How about bind a key to give health where it takes 2 maybe 3 seconds to revive to full health? But make sure you both have to be still to do this for sake of balancing? {Dcode}

2) Same as above but also keep a weaker version of the current "heal all in radius" ability already in use.

3) "Tranquilizer" type gun that shoots health boosts. :p

The first option would put the Attackers at a disadvantage since stopping in the middle of your assualt to heal someone would surely get both of them killed. Therefore, some form of the second option or a combination of both may have to be left/introduced in the game or made exclusive to attackers.

L.S.5. [5] (Incomplete) - All Classes - Add the ability to sprint short distances.
It's far too easy to pick off a person running at a single speed, especially for a sniper on defense. So, to vary the speed more, I suggest some sort of sprint function (with sprint bar of course, like XMP or HL2 or a myriad of other games...) or something to vary the speed more. {T-Shinzon}

L.S.4. [2] (Incomplete) - Medic - Add the ability to provide armor to teammates.
They could spawn armor packs kind of like how health packs were spawned in DA1.

I'm not sure if this is the best of ideas but it crossed my mind the other day that there was no armor in the game. This could be good or bad and the argument could be made that everyone is already wearing armor going into battle and it's effects are apparent from the fact that you won't die from a few shots to the torso.

L.S.1. [8] (Resolved) - Mechanic - Ability to destroy an old turret you built, from anywhere.
This would be a rollback to DA1 where instead of being forced to stand next to your turret to dismantle it you could destroy it by building another one elswhere. I DO NOT recommend going back to this method. However, I WOULD like to be able to destroy my turrets from afar and here is why.

There has been a problem in maps where new waypoints are assigned after an objective is complete. The defenders will be pushed back but an old turret defending an objective is left behind. This will effectively destroy the usefulness of being a mechanic from that point on.

Possible Solution: Create a keybind that destroys your turret and/or a keybind that destroys your ammo box.

DA|aBsOlUt -
  • Idle turrets (turrets that do not shoot or found an enemy for sometime) will be automatically destroyed after sometime, explosion effects are shown but no real damage is caused.

L.M.2. [5] (Incomplete) - Maps in General - Destructable doors/walls as objectives.
Why can't we have some maps where the first objective is to bust through a section of a wall or through the main gates by hitting it with everything you've got? (Anti-armor infantry and grenades would be the best against this kind objective as bullet fire shouldn't really destroy a wall/door.) It's silly how many of these levels have the main entrance sitting WIDE open for the bad guys to run in! Naturally, they would have a LOT of hitpoints and the sections of destructable walls would have to be indicated somehow on the hud. Otherwise stick with blowing up doors.

L.M.1. [4] (Incomplete) - Triumph - at the first objective have attackers walk to the left of the defending bunker too.
DA2 - Triumph (L.M.1.) Bots attack here!.JPG


L.C.1. [1] (Incomplete) Make the Cannon fire the two rounds in quick succession instead of syncronized dual fire.
In other words the firing could be something like this:

* Currently - BAM............BAM..........BAM............BAM
* New - Bam,Bam........Bam,Bam......Bam,Bam........Bam,Bam

[End Developer Guide Section]


State of DA2: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=153030

Suggestions included in this guide.
Keybinds: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=166267
Timer on HUD: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=167072
Order System: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=166049
Sprinting: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=165772
Medics: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=167121
Crouching issues: http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=168290

[End Links]

If you couldn't tell, I absolutely LOVE this mod and want to do everything I can to help it's development process in any way I can. I really don't know that much about coding and can't really draw so this is about the only way I could think of that would possibly help make things easier for the guys who can.

So far you have been delivering a real winner here and I MEAN IT!
Keep up the excellent work!

Forum lurkers :p can show their appreciation by sticking to the guidelines outlined above and by posting in the thread located here...


Thanks all,


1) 12/14/05 at 1:39am - Made some cosmetic changes, nothing major.
2) 12/14/05 at 2:01am - Added L.G.4a. & L.G.4b.
3) 12/14/05 at 10:38am - Updated status of L.G.1a., L.G.1b., L.G.3., L.H.3., L.H.4., L.G.2., L.G.5a., L.G.1b.. Minor fixes and clarifications. Re-ordered items so that completed items are at the bottom of each sub-category.
4) 12/14/05 at 10:54am - Added L.S.2. and L.H.9. (Thanks FukMeHo)
5) 12/14/05 at 7:18pm - Added L.S.3. (Thanks Dcode) and L.S.4.
6) 12/14/05 at 7:52pm - Added L.S.5. (Thanks T-Shinzon)
7) 12/14/05 at 8:46pm - Added B.M.1., added new status classification "Resolved", updated items' status, and updated F.A.Q.
8) 12/14/05 at 10:01pm - Added L.G.5., L.M.2. and L.G.6.
9) 12/14/05 at 10:25pm - Attached screenshots for B.M.1. and L.M.1.
10) 12/14/05 at 11:36pm - Added B.W.3., Added comments to B.G.1. and lowered priority.
11) 12/15/05 at 5:53pm - Edited L.H.7., fixed minor grammatical errors.
12) 12/16/05 at 9:27am - Added B.W.4., added a "links" section, fixed priority of some items.
13) 12/17/05 at 2:27am - Added L.G.7. and L.G.8.
14) 12/18/05 at 10:06pm - Added L.H.10.
15) 12/26/05 at 12:56am - Added L.G.9. and tweaked priority a bit.
16) 12/27/05 at 1:30am - Added B.W.5. and tweaked priority a bit.
17) 12/27/05 at 9:38am - Removed B.W.5. with notes.
18) 01/13/05 at 1:31pm - Edited B.W.3., added B.W.6., and made some minor changes/fixes.

Lol, all of these times posted are CST and -15 minutes since I just remembered my computer clock is set 15 minutes ahead (on purpose).
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