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UE3 - UT3 Custom Rigged Character Aim Animation Problem

Discussion in 'Modeling & Skinning' started by Gidzor, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Gidzor

    Gidzor New Member

    Feb 28, 2009
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    Iam quite new to this scene. Iam planing on making a mod so we are doing som reserch before getting to the real thing.

    Anyway, i have made this test character (dont mind the wobbely things hanging form his shoulder, or his dorky tail, they were only for test purpose) everything has worked out fine so far, thanks to all of you guys at these forums. My problem is the Aimoffset... it think.

    When i aim my character left or right inside the game the whole mesh begins to rotate instead of ut3 characters where the characters upperbody starts to rotate first. I mean when you aim you aim the upperbody in ut3. This doesent seem to work in my case.

    I have made a Aimoffset animation within maya and imported it. Do you guys have any idea what iam doing wrong. I have no clue what to do with these AimOffset animations either. I have just imported them

    Oh One more important thing, iam using my own character rig. This is essential for the mod.

    Do i need to make a animtree for this to work?
    Ive got the run animation to blend "nicely" when running left and forward, and right and forward and so on.

    I have also made an idle_ready_pis. But when iam ingame it seems that the animation never switches to any other idle animation. I equip the pistol and it seems its still the rifle idel animation.

    Ive got a tip from another modder that i need to name the bones like ut3 characters. Cause in the launch.log it says that:
    Log: USkeletalMeshComponent::GetBoneLocation : Could not find bone: b_RightAnkle or could it be that iam missing some crucial animations?

    Here is my character if anyone feels like testing out my problem.

    Here is the script code and the launchlog


    Dont mind the dorky and stupid rotation animation. We have dedicated animators in the team, and iam not one of them :p

  2. InAction

    InAction I make things move

    Jan 21, 2008
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    You have to make sure you have the right naming standard for several reasons. For example, the UT3 characters has a bone at their feet called b_Root, this bone is rotated through code to offset the whole character. It's used to make it look like the character stands in place while looking around with the upper body.

    If you need any more help, PM me please. :)

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