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God of Fudge
Sep 9, 2011
Palo Alto, CA
Map originally had no pathing, until I had Nelsona fix that.

It seemed ideal for UTDM-monsters, on a couple levels. As you can see in the selection window it originally had a standard Titan and Queen in the arena, which is why I opted for a UTDMT & UTDMW. Normal monsters eventually die and don't respawn, having monsters that can respawn makes their potential to get a game to last longer ideal.

Under the arena there's an area with cages for other monsters, common to the theme of a coliseum in any movies involving the Roman Empire... and an exceptional number of BSP issues.

Although it has naught to do with gameplay, nobody really goes down there. I'd toyed with the notion of replacing what's down there with 6 or 7 UTDMS but passed.

There are a couple ways to get into each base, from either side or through the roof.

All in all, a fun little map.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.unr - /maps
png - Pwetty!