UE3 - UT3 CTF-Frogbite WIP feedback wanted.

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New Member
Apr 18, 2012
Netherlands, Uithoorn
Hey everybody, my name is Jonathan, im new on this forums, but coming from the Epic, UOF and iamgaming forums hoping to get even more feedback then that I get from my friends at UOF.

I recently started CTF-Frogbite and I was hoping to get some feedback.
Frogbite is an experimental map based on the standards of HOLP. Since im such a huge fan of the pack, I was secretly hoping that some HOLP designers could hop on to give me some feedback as well! :crazydance:
Anyway, every feedback is welcome.

I am aware of some small trimming mistakes.

Here are the first pictures of the Red base.
Apologies for enourmous sizes.. o_o




Materials for BSP are a 100% custom, all blended and modified by myself in Photoshop, Illustrator and blender.