UE3 - UT3 CTF-Exalt feedback wanted.

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New Member
Apr 18, 2012
Netherlands, Uithoorn
Hey everybody,

Im new to this forum, but most UT players coming from Xbox360 or PS3 should know me. Let me quickly introduce myself. I'm John, 20y old from Holland. I have been getting into mapping for a little more then a year now. Just more experimenting rather then releasing full maps until now. Im a perfectionist and I want everything to be perfect and beautiful in design (which should ultimately be my downfall haha.)

I was just searching for some feedback coming from these pictures. I have been working on a CTF map for the last couple of days and this is what I have got so far. Im aiming for a 100% HOLP style with no SM but a clean BSP map.
I know its not much yet, but answering below questions would be greatly appriciated.

Please tell me, |
What do you like and what do you not like?
How can I improve in terms of layout and BSP placement in this map?
How can I improve in terms of lightning placement and the use of a directional light in this map?
How can I get rid of those damn annoying BSP cuts when extruding 1 layer while still working on the grid?

I am aware of:
- Trimming alignment (< will be fixed)
- bAccept lights on the elevator in the last picture.

Thanks in advance,