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Aug 4, 1999
Well. I've been away from these forums and thus the community for quite a while, mostly since the last 14 months were pretty dominated by my son Paul's arrival in this world.

Now that I'm starting to get back, I was wondering what skills are still around in the community.

So, say there'd be work starting on a new version of INF for UT3, who'd be around, willing and able and for what fields of expertise? Also would you seriously be interested in contributing time and expertise, or not?

NOTE: This is nothing official. You ARE of course free to speculate as usual. Also anyone still around would of course recognize the term "soon" (TM).
ALSO NOTE: UT3 may or may not be a placeholder for an engine, I would appreciate if you'd state whether you'd be willing to make INF re-happen on ANY engine.


Can't stop the bum rush.
Sep 23, 2001
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The biggest obstacle to new INF in my opinion is life more than anything. Most of the developers and community members like myself were young guys looking for something to do and create or something neat and innovative to play.

We were looking for something to fit into. Since then, we've all grown and as evidenced by your 14 months away due to the great news of a new child, we've already found where we belong in the world.

Some have stayed in the gaming industry while others have moved on to other things. The problem is, the community and the developers don't have the time or the idealism to start a whole new project like inf. Especially when there's kids and a life to live that probably has a lot more to offer them than a new mod for a game.

Basically, been there done that. Right now, Groundbranch by Blackfoot Studios, where beppo is working on the project now, is going to be the spiritual successor to inf, or so we hope. As for the future and skills in the inf community, it's all here. Modelers, coders, texture artists, designers, planners. They're here and they're better than ever with experience. The problem is, They've got better stuff to do :p
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Jan 11, 2001
Chuckus summed it up pretty well - real life killed Inf.
I just hope for another game that will be able to spawn a similar community, until then my gaming activity is pretty much on hold.


Koohii o nomimasu ka?
I'd be really happy to contribute, but as you already know, my expertise area these days is all about being too busy with real life.

And time is something you really need for serious mod works these days. It's nice to have such nice games and higher standards... but it's more work too. But you can count on me to give you what ever support I can give.


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Apr 1, 2006
Yeah, as for real life... I've finished my leaving examinations and soon I may aswell get back to playing inf online. Well, wish me luck with passing those.

Oh, and offtop... I'd like to thank you all, guys... Those discussions and arguments on forum have really helped me out with learning English. I hope that it will help me in my future life and studying :). Thanks again.