UE1 - UT Changing Singleplayer skin.

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Jan 28, 2000
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Not sure if this is the right forum......could someone tell me how to change the skin of the main character in Wheel of Time Elayna or provide a link to how to accomplish this type of edit, please?

Even though it's a 1999 game, can't seem to find any mods for it and would like to play another skin, also in third person mode her cloak clips badly. The only thing I've manged to improve was using the OldUnreal dlls OpenGL and D3DDrv to work, sadly the audio packages didn't seem to initialize.

Thanks for any tips or help. :)


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Dec 19, 2005
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While Wheel of Time is an Unreal Engine game I don't think it's like Unreal or Unreal Tournament in the way you go about changing characters. You probably will have to look up on how to create a replacer, see them all the time in Source games. Make sure to back up the original file(s) before you go about modding the game. As far as working with UE1 goes though I'm not the one to ask. I did more work with the UE2 and Source engines, I'm certain I could do it given time to familiarize myself with the UE1 but right now I'm just too lazy.

You've come to the right Forums (more rabid UT99 and Unreal fanatics around here than anywhere else) I think you just posted in the wrong area. I'm sure someone will come along and throw this thread into the right area.


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May 14, 2006
Actually you can, but singleplayer chosen from menu always puts you as the female character, there are other characters for multiplayer you can play as and it should work if you open the map with command "open mapname?difficulty=(number of difficulty, 0 is easy 2 is hard)" fter you choose the different character.

Can't guarantee it will work though will have to try myself.

EDIT: Damn, it doesn't work, it's beacsue the sp maps have this gametype set that forces your player. Can't do anything about it unless you open it with example open mission_01?game=WOT.giWOT

Then it works.
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