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Burning Face - 2 Muts in 1!

Discussion in 'Beta Testing/Pimpage' started by Hamster_Stlye, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Hamster_Stlye

    Hamster_Stlye New Member

    Mar 10, 2006
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    I searched for a mod that would help tone down camping for UT99 with little luck. Then I ran across 'FairGame' and decided it was pretty close, but I didn't want people to suffer for being within the same 'x' number of units from the last position it checked. I wanted it to check the BASE areas only, and I wanted it to be much more accurate so people who were NOT camping wouldn't get penalized. It took some time to tune but I think I've done just that...

    |Welcome to Burning Face!|

    What the heck is 'Burning Face'? It's two different things depending what you want to use it for (or BOTH!).

    First, it's a mod that allows you to set damage thresholds on weapons that will cause the player to catch on FIRE for a random amount of time if enough damage is done in one hit! The choice of which weapons can cause this and how much damage will cause it is up to you.

    Second, it's the ultimate anti-camp mod for CTF-Face map! If you run a CTF-Face server and you have problems with campers THIS MOD IS FOR YOU! If you run other maps it's ok! It will disable the anti-camp functions on other maps automatically and you can still use the weapons thresholds!

    Each of these Mutators can be run seperately or at once within this one.

    Sound interesting? Good. 99% of everything that can be done with this mod is contained in the Mod Menu when you start UT. Just select Mod, then select Burning Face Mutator and you'll have a nice little tabbed window with all the options. Let's go through the diffferent tabbed windows.

    /Weapons a-fire!/

    >|Burn Damage|< Pretty self explanitory..

    Set Burntype Thresholds will enable the four weapons listed below to set fire to players if they are hit for the amounts you configure. If you don't want them to catch fire just set the amount to 199 or higher.

    Set Other-Weapon Thresholds will enable any other weapon not listed to set fire to players if hit by the amount you set. I added this because I run a server using modded weapons, so this should work with any weapons. Also, if you disable normal thresholds this will make ANY weapon set people aflame if hit for enough damage.

    Burn Damage settings should be obvious. Normal burn is for damage per second from weapons if set on fire. Camper burn is the damage per second you want campers to receive.

    Note: Players always have a 12% chance (per second) that the flames will die out. Campers, however, will not stop burning until they LEAVE THE BASE so setting camper damage high will insure they die quickly or you can set it to 999 if you just want them to die immediately, that's your call! =)

    /Campers Beware!/

    >|Base options|< This is where you decide what areas of which bases get camp-proofed.

    You can select Inner Base, Lower Sniper Area, Upper Sniper Area, and the infamous Rooftop! You also have the option to make these locations unsafe to camp by BOTH teams if you prefer. Lastly, if you're like me you don't like roof campers on Face, so I included the option to camp-proof BOTH rooftops from ANYONE as a seperate choice. This way you can still select camp locations for each team (TEAM only camper options) AND make both rooftops safe from ALL camping as well. Players will not be able to find a safe place to camp anywhere in the selected areas and moving between them will still count against them just as much.

    >|Camping|< Set Camp Time, Camp Points, Roof Points, and other camper settings.

    The first option is Camp Time. You can set this for ONE to THREE minutes. This number is related directly to the next choice, Camp Points. This determines how many points you can get before you're penalized for camping. Players get ONE point every time they are found in a camp position (Unless it's the roof, sometimes, read on). The important thing to note is that points only go up to 12 and there is a good reason for that. The mod checks the camp positions 12 times over the Camp Time you've chosen. Once the player has the number of points you've set (or more) they will be set aflame. Roof Points are the amount of points you want to hand out to players found on the roof at each camp check. You can set this to 1 if you don't want any additional points for roofcamping, or set it higher if you think they should be given more. I've pre-configured the settings that work best for me, but set them to your liking. The point system scales over time and points are removed for good behavior (AKA not camping). The second someone is found to be a camper they will be ratted out (a message to everyone telling them who is camping and where) and if you have bots on the server they will be sent to hunt him down! Another cool side effect of this mod is that once a bot is flamed for camping they tend not to do it again, so they're out in the open instead of standing dumbly on the roof.

    Here you can also choose to allow camping if holding sniper rifles or not. You can set whether a Flag-Carrier is safe from camping or not. This gives them full immunity if turned on. And of course you can choose if you want to penalize campers at all.

    Admins: Base and Roof campers will be noted in your Admin logs if you run a server. This way you can see for yourself who's doing wrong. Also, the mod will only call out a ROOF camper if 1) they ARE on the ROOF and 2) most of the points they earned were from being on the roof, so rest easy, it's very accurate.

    /Life Savers?!/

    >|Burn Health|< This decides if you want the health items to extinguish flames or not.

    The Firesuit is an optional Relic you can use that will prevent non-camping players from catching fire. However, if someone is set fire for CAMPING they will NOT be extinguished by the Firesuit or the health items (but they will still be healed). Also the Firesuit will *NOT protect campers from catching fire! If you're running a dedicated server be sure to add this line to your [Engine.GameEngine] section if you want to use the FireSuit relic:



    >|Info|< Here you can set the Smoke settings and read info about the mod.

    Choose your Smoke setting from the menu on this page. Setting smoke to 'High' might slow down the FPS of alot of players but it's fun to watch. I usually just set it to OFF because I added code in the mod that will make players give off smoke if they are under 50 health anyways. Also, there's some stuff there about me and the modders who helped me create this nifty package.

    /Custom Messages/

    That's 99%! What's the 1% that isn't in the Mod menu? The camper messages! You can set the messages that a camper receives manually by editting the BurningFace.ini file (usually in the C:\unrealtournament\system folder). The last 2 lines are for Base and ROOF campers as seen below:

    BCamperMsg=Don't CAMP the BASE! - Get OUTSIDE the base NOW or BURN TO DEATH!
    RCamperMsg=You're ROOF-CAMPING! - Leave this base NOW or BURN TO DEATH!

    Change them to whatever you want to say to the campers =)

    Below is the direct-link for downloading:


    If you want to see this Mut in action you can find it on my Rockets server at:

    Last edited: Mar 10, 2006

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