UE2 - UT2kX Bug Fixing Another's Work

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Dec 19, 2005
In your computer, duh.
So a friend asked me to bug fix an old character from UT2k4. God knows why he asked me, since my work with UnrealEd has been minimal at best. It's part of pack of 4 characters. Almost immediately as I started I noticed that he made a ton of screw ups in the .upl file. Trying to link over to non-existent files or non-existent textures in an actual file, or in one case managed to mix up the body and head textures. Fixed that and the majority of the problems cleared up. Three models are now fully working in UT2k4, the problem is the fourth.

This is where my abilities come to a rapid end. I warmed up UnrealEd after YEARS of even touching it and in one of the .utx files everything seems in order until I get to the final texture. Whereas all others are made with both a texture and a shader the final one does not. Should there be a shader texture? If so how do I go about doing this?

(Edit: Okay, didn't figure it out but it seems this have more problems than just a bad texture... gotta figure out why it isn't showing up even with a place holder texture. I thought it strange when a bad texture causes it not to appear at all.)
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