Beyond Unreal Wiki - missing stylesheet?

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New Member
Feb 8, 2023

The BU Wiki is looking a little odd at the moment, at least on my client. I've tried a couple of different browsers in case it's some kind of caching issue, but I'm seeing the same thing in each of them, as though the left margin is set to some negative value and the left-hand side of the page is rendered off screen.

It could still be something on my end, but if not, I thought I should report it here (assuming this is the right place to make this known).

All the best.


Staff member
Feb 3, 2000
You're right. I updated the server to PHP 7.4 and the version of mediawiki that the wiki is running seems to have some oddities with it. I'll try to take a look soon. I'd really like to get MW updated.
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