Attention Ghost Recon Wildlands Players

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Counter Terrorist Operative
Mar 25, 2001
If there is anyone that formerly played INFiltration that plays Ghost Recon Wildlands, feel free to contact me and join our task force. There are 4 of us right now who play most nights, but we'd like to have more. I look forward to hearing from any of you former Infiltration players.

Task Force name is Ghost Dogs Division 6 and my name in most games and on Steam is Phienyx


Tracer Bullet
Jul 29, 2002
Toronto, Ontario
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Ghost WTF are you still doing here? This place doesn't even HAVE an INFiltration forum any more lol. Like seriously how old are you at this point, 52?

I don't have Wildlands but some good replacements for gamers of our type are: Insurgency, Arma, Red Orchestra 2, and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.