A small wish o' mine

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Final steps of evolution
Say, couldn't the team smuggle in a few Quake2 (based) monsters, like, say... the tank, the gladiator or the icarus?

I mean, how could you possibly defend yourself with little marines against a horde of titans? There's a time when you need cluster rocket launchers ;)

FyreBall Starr

Xan's got nothing on this.
Feb 28, 2004
not to be mean but....
ur a doofus

this is the Human/Skaarj war here! not the Quake/Human war!

sorry if im rude :y5:


Final steps of evolution
What you know about the human/skaarj wars is only the surface, Humans have used and abused technology, meaning that you could easily expect at least one type of heavy armored suit (Like in Unreal2). What I meant about smuggling Q2 based units was that some units could be made heavier, and not based upon Unreal/Unreal Tournament standards. Like a heavy armor suit fitted with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher or dual lasers.

Right now, the effects (Since a lot of terran units have hitscan weapons) look fairly unimpressive when skaarj are not present.

Understand, then judge.

Besides, what you imagined would be more like the Skaarj/Strogg war :p (Which could be very interesting)