A couple of Beta 1.5

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Dec 5, 2003
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A couple of bugs in Beta 1.5

- When the gameplay ends, game doesn't make any attempts to load the next map - have to click forfeit (offline).

On the Outpost 5, when you go to the second objective (the switch) when you're about 20-30 meters to it to the left of will be concrete wall where you can walk into and may be even fall out of the map - didn't get too far.
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Feb 5, 2006
Bug in DA2-Classic-Egypt

I found a little bug in DA2-Classic-Egypt:
You can shoot through that statue you can see on the following screenshot.
Not very important, but I noticed that.


And here an answer from the Maclogist Forum as I postet the DA2 1.5 Beta.

The map previews and loading screens were not optimized for low-end systems (pixelated and impossible to see), the sniper zoom, which I thought was fixed already, still didnt work, there was a lot of mouselag.

I don´t understand his problems and I can not confirm that, because for me everything works fine! :)
Perhaps he should buy a new computer... ;)
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Oct 6, 2004
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online bugs:

-Invisible AVER turrets.
-Defending mech got 3 plasma bombs instead of 3 nades.
-Only thrower of plasma bomb hears the 'beep' sound.
-When you die the red light on your own mines dont show anymore, but they still work.
-Ending scenes dont work correct.


-Plasma bomb doent do dmg though walls.
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