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Wink UT2Vote48 Released.

UT2Vote48 - Release: 12th December 2004

Fixes and Additions

Map Prefix bug in some games
Due to a timing problem some servers would show the incorrect maps after voting for a new Gametype.
This has now been fixed.

TeamDeathmatch Admin switching
If an Admin switched to a TeamGame, the DefaultMap would get distorted.
This has now been fixed.

Assault game not ending
As voting is disabled in an Assault game, it often took up to 10 minutes for a level to changeover.
This has now been fixed.

ClanAdmin kick options
ClanAdmin now have the same kicking powers that the VoteAdmin or ServerAdmin have.
This has now been fixed.

This has replaced the UT2VoteMulti so as to have it Whitelisted.

Votable Mutators in DuelGame
Mutators and Arenas can now be voted for in DuelGame40.

Browser button addition
A Browser button has been added to the MapMenu for quick browser access.

Spectators in Assault
Specators will now also be visible in an Assault game.

UTExtra button addition
A UTExtra button has been added to the ClientMenu if UTExtra is running.

Added AltMapPrefix
The current OtherDMPrefix= in the IniOnly section has been dumped and replaced with a AltMapPrefix= in every GameType string.
This gives the Admin the option of having a different type of game map in each game.
NB.. Making Custom games for UT2Vote48+ will now need GameMake3 version 3.4

Be carefull when you do a copy and paste of the ini file to watch out for the extra AltMapPrefix= in each Game string

The UT2Vote Team

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