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Old 5th Jul 2004, 12:53 AM   #1
Baitshop opening soon.
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Brush with Fame

Oosyxxx mentioned something about his brush with fame, and I think weíve done this before, but what is your brush with fame?

For me itís been: When I was in the second grade, my teacher was married to a United States Senator, who was a senator while I was in her class.

I met Kernel Sanders when I was young and shook his hand. He gave me some balloons.

I met Dick Van Dyke and Jerry Van Dykeís grandmother who was in a nursing home. She was about 92 and she had this autograph book where she got peopleís autograph that she met. I signed her book.

Didnít happen to me, but recently my friend was in Chicago and stumbled across where they were shooting the sequel to Oceanís Eleven, Oceanís twelve. He met Richard Gear and then when he was at the airport leaving, they were filming an episode of Airport, or something like that; itís some new show for A&E and my friend was in the scene.

Iíve been in the little cafťí where they shot a scene from the movie Cocoon.

Not much of a brush, but in the 70ís when Sonny and Cher had their TV show and were a big deal, I saw them in concert at a state fair. I was close to the stage. Who would think that Cher would still be sort of famous all these years later?

There are always one or two things that I forget about and Iíve forgotten this time, too.

Iíve been to the bar that Mary Ann on Gilliganís Island used to visit when she had a home near here. They had her signed pictures all over the place.

Oh, Jeff Starr. I think it was The Bad News Bears, Breaking Training movie that was out when I met the kid who played the fat catcher for the team. His name was Jeff Starr. He lived near where I lived and I was working as an usher at a movie theater in a mall. He and his agent were there for the movie and Jeff and I went to the arcade in the mall to play some video games.
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