View Full Version : QuadShot????

17th Feb 2000, 01:30 AM
what happened to this gun?
did they cut it out or what?
whenever i do the summon command for it, it always shows up as a mask or sumthin
any oe know how to get it?

Can you see me?
Oops, too late, you're already dead.

17th Feb 2000, 02:37 AM
It was never used for whatever reason. There also is a cannon you can summon. Its been a long time but I think it was called hugecannon. So if you type "summon hugecannon" you should be able to see it.

19th Feb 2000, 11:52 PM
no, hugecannon was sumthin else, i dont know what it is
the quad command was summon quadshot, but when it spawns, it isnt the gun

20th Feb 2000, 03:11 AM
When I summon quadshot the gun appears the same as anything else. You can't use it because it was never implemented.
Another thing you can summon that was not in the game is a squid. "Summon squid" to see it.