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2nd Apr 2001, 06:27 AM
Now with the admins having the @sticky@ option, we can write the newbie FAQ and leave it up as topmost post in every forum (I'm not sure if there is a copy option...). Everyone contribute so the INF team can see the effort is worthwhile (not to mention get a lot of posts so n00bz will get curious and peep it).

<b>Please do not post here if you want to comment or correct! PM me instead; that's what it's for. I check these every day (obsessed with INF? NAAAH!) Post only FAQ Questions/Answers.</b>

<b>1. Where are the crosshairs?</b>

Infiltration is the 'hardcore realism' combat sim. Since in real life you do not get cross hairs floating in front of your eyes (unless you're one of them cyborgs), they are not included here. You aim by using Alternate Fire mode and view the target through the iron sights of the gun. While slightly difficult and unusual at first, it becomes intuitive and second nature in about 10 minutes. Live it.

<b>2. Where are all the guns?</b>

The INF team is hard at work for YOU at NO COST, and since the weapons currently in the game are more than ample for fun play (Consider: two pistols, two submachine guns, two sniper rifles, two assault rifles, a shotgun, a knife, a grenade launcher and finally grenades - that's already more than base UT!) new weapons are put aside for new improvements (most recently leaning, online play, breathing system and much, much more). Finally, don't worry; new weapons are ALWAYS planned for future updates.

<b>3. Why isn't weapon XXXX in the game?</b>

Because. The INF team has on staff several weapon experts who carefully considered the weight, current usage in real armed forces, reliability, and balance of all both in the game, and planned for future patches. Every new weapon is designed so that it does not become the 'redeemer' of Infiltration, and all types of weapons balance each other out. Feel free to make a suggestion, but chances are that a) Someone has already done so and b) The team has already thought about it and rejected it. Check the armory at http://www.planetunreal.com/infiltration/armory for present and future weapons.

That's all from me, can't think of any more pertinent stuff. Someone correct me if I'm stoopid :P



2nd Apr 2001, 03:03 PM
This is actually a great idea. However, I did happen to update the FAQ on our website a week or two ago (though nothing else yet) and it answers some of those and a lot of other questions, so you can either copy/paste from there or refer newbies to the new FAQ. I can update it again when you have a lot of good FAQ questions here too.

2nd Apr 2001, 08:46 PM
One of the projects I hope to cover with the Infiltration Network Collaboration I am starting, is keeping an up-to-date FAQ for both the game, as well as the community, which will (like all other INC projects) be public access.

However, for now I have stuck this thread (meaning it'll remain on top in the thread list).

3rd Apr 2001, 05:31 AM
very nice post Damidred mate!!

3rd Apr 2001, 07:54 AM
4) Why does he keep saying "weapons dry"
Reload fool

3rd Apr 2001, 01:59 PM
5. Why can't I dodge?

In INF, the focus is realism. Since it'd be nearly impossible to jump and do a flip in the air with 50lbs of equipment on your back, that feature isn't available.

3rd Apr 2001, 07:45 PM
<b>6. In comparison to other games, my weapon is unnervingly accurate. Why?</b>

Our guns follow a simple rule, where the barrel points, the bullets go.

<b>7. Isn't that too easy? I don't believe that real shooting can be this easy.</b>

If you spend some time playing Infiltration, you'll find that shooting is not as easy as it seems. The recoil of a weapon firing will knock your point of aim off target. Also as in real life, bullets have their own speed and trajectory. Now that you think you’re an expert, try hitting a moving target at a distance! Each weapon in Infiltration’s inventory takes practice, skill, and determination. Eventually, our armory will be quite extensive, and players will need to become accustomed to their particular choice of weapons in order to truly be effective.

<b>8. I don't like the sounds of your guns. Why don't they sound like guns do in the movies? You know, the kind that shakes your seat and your eardrums!</b>

Our sounds are synthesized based on the sounds of the real guns. You'll find that most movies’ sounds are actually enhanced or written over by folly artist and pre-recorded sounds. Also, Hollywood blanks tend to produce sounds very different to the report of a real weapon.

<b>9. In another game I have played, the gun they use has features that the same gun in your mod doesn't. Can you please add them?</b>

We spend a lot of time researching exactly what features the real weapon does and does not have. Our weapons are as faithful as possible to the real thing. If that particular feature is a realistic possibility, it will certainly be one we will add in the future.

<b>10. If Infiltration is so realistic, why doesn't it have weapon jamming or overheating?</b>

As previously stated, we will not add any features that will detract from the fun of the game. Sure, jamming is realistic in a way, but a weapon jamming is pretty much a random event and because of that it adds an element of luck to the game that may lead to an imbalance. Simply consider each weapon thoroughly cleaned and maintained properly.

<b>11. There are a lot of things I don't think are realistic in Infiltration, the running speed is too fast, the bot's are stupid, etc, etc.</b>

Please keep in mind that the current version is not the finished product we envision. Infiltration will constantly be updated and revised with patches and all kinds of new content. As always, it is a work in progress.

That's all for now...


4th Apr 2001, 08:27 AM
Damodred, me old mucker; in reference to point 11: Have you heard people say the running speed is too fast? That surprises me, as most of the whiners I meet say the game is too slow (Go play Q3)

Good post btw.

Liquid Night
4th Apr 2001, 08:38 PM
(i) What is Infiltration?

Infiltration is a realistic military style team combat simulation for Unreal Tournament.

(ii) I don't have the crosshair. Is this a bug?
How do you aim with no crosshair?
It bobs too much. Is there a way to hold still?

There is no floating "magic crosshair" in Infiltration.
You aim through the iron sights, scope, aimpoint, or whatever aiming device is mounted on the weapon you are using. This is done by pressing alt-fire (usually right mousebutton).
You can also fire from the hip but this is less accurate. Firing while moving, like in real life is considerably less accurate than firing from a standstill.
View bobbing can be reduced by controlling your breathing (hold alt-fire). This can only be done for limited stretches of time.

(iii) How do I use the teams I just made?

Select them on the bottom right corner of the Game screen. Decide which one you want to be on by adjusting the team slider accordingly.
To play with no teammates, join an empty team and
uncheck the balance teams box.

(iv) How do I use the loadout I just made?

Select it using the loadouts toolbar.
Or you can select your next round loadout in-game by using the Quick Action menu (default V).

(v) I walk too slow. Is there a way to make me move faster?

Yes. You can run (assign keys in options menu), but only in a limited way.
The stamina bar (top right of your in-game HUD) will
decrease in size as you run or jump. When it is totally depleted, you will no longer be able to run or
jump effectively.
This leads to a slower, more cautios style of play. Your running speed is also affected by the amount of equipment you are carrying.

(vi) How do you use the flashlight?

Currently there is only one flashlight in Infiltration, and it can only be attached to the Benelli shotgun. It is turned on and off using the weapon attachment key (assign in options menu).
There will be lighting systems attached to other weapons in the future. An independently carried torch may also be introduced.
Night vision equipment is also planned.

(vii) The gun kicks back too much. Is this a bug?

No, this is recoil. Realistic recoil.
Infiltration is not a "pray and spray" game. You will have little luck if you run around emptying clips in full auto all the time.
Recoil can be controlled for more accurate shooting by shooting from the prone position, firing short, controlled bursts, and pulling down the barrel of the gun with the mouse while firing.

(viii) The bulk system doesn't seem to work

The bulk system does work but in is going to be enhanced in future releases of Infiltration.
At the moment, if you carry a lot of weapons/ammunition/equipment, it slows you down and reduces your endurance.
In the future, it will do so more drastically.
I would recommend a loadout of no more than one main weapon, one sidearm, and a couple of grenades.

(ix) What is "mission" mode and "coop" mode? They don't seem to work.

In the future Infiltration will bring you unique gametypes and mission/objective based play.
Watch this space. These features are currently unavailable.

(x) How do I identify guys far away? Where is binoculars?

Binoculars are not currently implemented but they have been planned for a long time, and I would expect them relatively soon.
For the moment when you look at players near to you, you will see "name tags", that will reveal their identity.
At long range, friend/foe identification is difficult (as it is in real life). Good team communication will prevent accidents from happening.

(xi) I get killed in one shot. Is this a bug?

This is actually one of the best features in infiltration. Realistic damage.
Bullets kill.
You are not in a movie.
A single bullet to the head and you are dead.
Weapons deal out different amounts of damage, but you will never be able to survive more than a few hits. So be careful. And make your shots count.
Body armour and bleeding/bandaging are planned for future releases of Inf iltration.
Watch this space.

5th Apr 2001, 06:27 AM
item : How to behave on-line or in the forum :

read this http://furry.de/miavir/quotes-boojum.html

14th Apr 2001, 08:12 PM
Q: How can people respond so fast with a friendly fire voice message when I shoot my teammates, are they super human? Why don't I say "weapons dry" when my gun is empty? etc...

A: You have to enable "auto-taunts" in the sound menu, it's very useful.

Lots of people don't seem to know this.

14th Apr 2001, 11:45 PM
->why does the OICW is not planned in the armory?

because i'ts only an ugly, bulky, fragile amount of crap. :D


21st Apr 2001, 07:29 PM
Liquid Night, go play RS and greab a HKMP5k-PDW, You can spray and pray with that realistically,

and you do "Spray and Pray" even in INF, I take the sig, point it where the enemies are and tap the trigger, I unload half my clip...

and here's a Q for the FAQ: How can I tell how much more ammo I have left in my clip right now?

23rd Apr 2001, 09:38 AM
Please keep non-helpful comments to a minimum - PM me if a correction is needed. :D Here are a couple of fixes since the answers now posted are purely subjective. *I* happen to find the OICW quite neat.

<b>Q. Why isn't the OICW implemented?</b>
A. Because
a) It is in development and not used by any armed forces right now.
b) It is hideously expensive for what you're getting (a 5.56mm rifle + grenade launcher, basically - less, since 20mm explosives have less BOOM). You can get gren launcher converters for existing rifles much, much cheaper.
c) Just read this: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/2116/oicw.htm
d) Now read it again.

<b>Q. How can I tell how much ammo I have left in the clip right now?</b>
A. Up until 2.85.3, count your shots! This is how the majority of trained soldiers do it. From 2.86 on there will be a display that shows your magazine weight in 1/4 increments (as a trained soldier would be able to tell from the weight roughly how full the magazine is (empty, 1/4th, 1/2th, 3/4th, full).


4th May 2001, 01:12 PM
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to emphasize what DredDamo last posted.

This FAQ thread was started to be used a resource for all members, as well as to help you (regular members) educate newer members about INF (and the community).

Please refrain from posting non-FAQ related comments to this thread (I just deleted about 10 such posts from this thread on DredDamo's request). As well, please do a quick scan of the FAQ questions others have already suggested to see that you're not repeating ideas.

-Shawn S. Altorio (Hand_of_DarKNesS)
Infiltration Forum Moderator
email: saltorio@yahoo.com
icq: 32595811

4th May 2001, 03:40 PM
1. Why am I getting such a low FPS? When I play regular UT I usually have great FPS!

You are forgetting that this is Infiltration. This is much more complex than a regular run of the mill shoot and gun game. Infiltration is quite hardware intensive, and has a lot of polygons in many of its levels (to give the greatest representation of realism). You will not natarually get the blazing high speeds you probably get in Unreal Tournament.

For some tweaking of your game, you can try lowering the resolution (a big help, though it is sometimes quite hard to see the menu screens). Try putting the graphics on medium to low detail. High detail can be really detrimental to gameplay, especially for world details. Also, make sure you don't have anything running in the background, and a nice 3D card is always good ;)

BTW I have a question myself... how do you make things bold in this forum?