View Full Version : How to setup DolbySurround???

9th Dec 1999, 09:17 AM
Hi there!

I have a question regarding that Dolby-Surround-Output for UT

Soundcard is the SBlive! with Liveware 3.0 (with november-patch)
Speakersystem is the DigitalDesktopTheater 2500 hooked digitally

When I activate the "SurroundSound"-function (disabled "Hardware 3D" is right, I guess, since no EAX is needed), I have the following issue:

When moving vertically above the center-view (looking up) sound is coming through the center satellite box, looking down (below center) nothing
is coming out of the center-box. It sounds like a switch toggling sound on/off.

So hence there are many options to make sure DolbySurround is running the right way, which settings do I have to make?

Liveware 3.0 : Speaker Selection: Do I have to use the "Live!Surround", "4-speaker setup" or even "2-speaker", since DolbySurround is converted
from 2 channels?

Anyway I always wondered if the Live!Surround-option disables the EAX feature, or is only for the analogue desktop-theater?!?

DTT 2500 : What setting to make on the amplifier? Activate "Dolby Pro Logic", or setting it to "Music/Movie/FourPoint/Stereo"???

What is the right setting??