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5th Aug 2004, 01:56 AM
- POSCar and POSVan not in selection menu at all
- No bots at all
- Out of Bounds actor not working online (very VERY annoying, have to reconnect every time you go out of bounds))
- Flair F150 truck is using incorrect .uc file settings (Lights,Tires Height and camera views incorrect)
- Humbugs missing shaders (no cieling inside, teture assignment in .uc file, i need to add shaders for the the other 2 skins still, i forgot those:x)
- Humbug dynamic License plate not working
- Light coronas on all vehicles are HUGE !!
- XVert, Centipede and Flair F150 Vehicles in "Vehicle Selection Menu" are way too big and go outside screeen bounds
- Master of Disaster missing Underside texture (did you replace UNwheelSkins.utx shrimp)
- Need to show player names hovering over cars (like ut)
- suggest a directional arrow (as in ut2k4 assault mode) to point ot next check point rather than confusing radar( would greatly help to navigate some of the maps, which are very easy to get lost in)
- Player starts in UWRC-Carribean, screwed up (could not play map at all)
- Pavillion track and other maps as well, title needs to be fixed (remove the UWRC-BlaBla3bs stuff, should be UWRC-BlaBla, looks more pro)
- In UWRC, Hud position always indicates 1st place
- Nassau car missing left headlight
- no music in Vegas eight map
- Window on Flair F1 missing shader (not 2 way, texture assignment problem)
- K-Ball broken online , (balls do not replicate at all)
- UWBA-Avalance is totally borked
- UWCTF-TableTop disconnects players trying to play online
- some maps need to be majorly overhauled or possibly removed, quality is very poor on some, one bad map can spoil the whole bunch. What if the first time a person plays unwheel and they play a not good map, they may just delete unwheel right away and never look back.

Overall it ran good online and looks pretty decent

Avalanche problem:

5th Aug 2004, 02:27 AM
I need sleep, but one thing that noob missed was that the f-150 is now hovering above the track. Another thing that noob didnt say, but maybe its because this is his first playtest of a internal release is that it is running much better online than any previous version :D , most of the very bad problems have been eliminated. A lot of problems are occuring when you goto spectate and rejoin, the server console goes nuts like before too. The out of bounds volume is pretty annoying but I would assume that has to greatly with the problem you are having with the reset issue. But like I said I am tired of typing and being infront of this computer so I will post more later :o

5th Aug 2004, 02:54 AM
more stuff...

The antiportals in garage king need to be fixed, just move them so that they are inside the floors of the garage, they just didn't get scaled when the rest of the map was.

Some of the cars that have had seats put in them have a problem, the back of the seat is see through, and you can see that through the rear window of the car, the flair seeker is one, and I think the bugger is another.

The water volumes in moto x need to be moved because there are now water splashes that appear when you enter them but sometimes you enter the volume several feet above the ground. Also if there is a way to reduce the slowing effect that water volumes have on cars it should be done to the volumes in moto x, it seems that water slows down svehicles more than the kvehicles.

When you get stuck somewhere and need to spectate and rejoin, sometimes you don't get to pick your vehicle and when you spawn you have no driver and you can't move. Also when you go into spectae mode your car seems to stick around for a long time and I was seeing headlight corona's and exhaust emitters lingering by themselves too, I guess they stick around after the car blows up or something.

I know this is something that the other guys have mentioned, and I'm sure you are working on it, but it would help out the testing alot if we had working out of bounds volumes.

There is a very odd problem with UWCTF-TableTop. Whenever the server starts a game with this map all of the clients start their own single player game instead of an online game, what I mean is that the clients will be playing the map exaclty as if they had just started an instant action game. I'll look at the map tomorow but I'm not sure of the problem, although I do remember seeing a bsingleplayeronly option somewhere, does anyone know where I can find that?

Lastly, I was the only one to havethis problem but I crashed several times, a total of 6. Once was a crash to the desktop and the other times it gave me error messages, I saved them all to text files if you need them. I don't think it was my pc, it has always been stable but I did switch to the catalyst 4.9 drivers today, which are beta drivers so that might be it.

EDIT: I just remembered another thing, CTF isn't working right, you can score just fine but there is still the problem with people having, or apperaing to have, multiple flags, and if you ram someone who doesn't even have the flag, you will steal the flag from them as if they had the flag in the first place.

5th Aug 2004, 05:07 AM
uhhh which file am I looking for here? only the FTP's been rearranged and I'm still coming to grips with the new layout. What files will I need to download?

5th Aug 2004, 08:42 AM
I have put everything you need in your folder PX, when you have downloaded then tell me so i can delete the contents, the files are stored in another location too :)

5th Aug 2004, 09:05 AM
Ok I got em Jerdaygo.

Right more bugs:

The XVert almost made it across the jump in Lost Gods, so we're nearly there with that. Sadly the Flair F1 did not.

The race cars accelerate far too slowly and have too low a top speed

On sand and dirt the dirt and dust emitters should always be on, but the particles should have a smaller scale than the ones created when skidding (PS. I like the exhaust effect).

Lost Gods has a mesh that you can drive through, I'll post an image of the mesh.

EDIT: Ultranewbie, what are your fog settings? I never ever gt that but it might be the system fog override (theres a detail setting that makes the fog closer for performance reasons) andit might be tha. If not I'll take a look at it and see if I've done something stupid. UPDATE: Yeah I'm definitely not getting that problem.

EDIT: I seem to be missing Shrimp's Monstertrack level, it's not included in the .rar

5th Aug 2004, 05:21 PM
I have heard from just about everyone that they have gotten lost in a couple of my maps, so I made a directional marker mesh to give directions. I put it in the same package the the Semi truck is in, and a few other surprises:) Here is the link; /ftproot/UnWheel/horton/ , and look for TrackSpecialty. I forgot to mention, the directional marker should be angled down, it had a green arrow that points in the correct direction, if you are going backwards thru the map you will see a red arrow.
UltraNew_B, I don't follow what you mean by "remove the UWRC-BlaBla3bs stuff, should be UWRC-BlaBla, " . TableTop had it's LevelProperties set to bLonePlayer=True:( What idiot would do something like that :Poop:

5th Aug 2004, 07:30 PM
UltraNew_B, I don't follow what you mean by "remove the UWRC-BlaBla3bs stuff, should be UWRC-BlaBla

I meant all maps should not have version numbers included in the title, in the final release. Ie. UWRC-LostGods4c or UWRC-MountainTown_S


5th Aug 2004, 07:53 PM

6th Aug 2004, 04:39 AM
That's a pretty cool arrow.

EDIT: Maybe we should put them in all our race and rally maps and have an option to remove them in the settings. So it would check something like this:

On Map Startup;

If bpractisemode = false
StaticMesh "ArrowPointer" bvisible= false

6th Aug 2004, 12:26 PM
For your info guys: Shrimp mentioned on IRC, that he is working on putting an arrow on the hud, much like UT2K4 assault navigational arrow. The Arrow will clearly point the way to the next checkpoint (provided mapper placed checkpoints are not too far apart). Much more efficiently than the current radar (which I still have not deciphered). So hopefully, you wont need arrow decos to navigate the larger levels!! :D

6th Aug 2004, 12:32 PM
even with a 3d arrow you might need the decos, the arrow could point right, which is the shortest way to the check point but the check point might be around a corner, try AS-Junkyard and just follow the arrow the whole time, you wont win :)