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13th Jun 2003, 08:42 PM
Let's post maps here to playtest, uh... Like the Forum header says.
I want a map from an NCer to win.
We have a mess load of talent lurking about. Several Ownage mappers etc.
If anything, playtest MY map and tell what I should fix. It'll be ready sometime in the next "two weeks".

If you don't want a general d/l, PM me and I'll give your map a goin over, the Twrecks way - no mercy.

13th Jun 2003, 08:50 PM
I'm working on a map, dunno if I'll submit it or not. Depends if I like it by the end or not (and given past maps I'll prolly hate it by the time I've finished it, unless I hurry up and rush it off in which case it wouldn't be good enough anyways).
I expect hourences or tonnberry to win a prize at least though, be it best map, or original content (or both) :tup:

13th Jun 2003, 11:06 PM
I'd like to hear the buzz of who's making stuff or has stuff they are submitting before I go any further :p

13th Jun 2003, 11:34 PM
I'm working on a map, dunno if I'll submit it or not. Depends if I like it by the end or not

Submit it anyway, what have you got to lose?

This contest is for UT2003 isn't it?

17th Jun 2003, 06:51 PM
i thought it was for Mods not maps?

or am i mistaken?

17th Jun 2003, 06:57 PM

notice me missing the "categories" button

19th Jun 2003, 03:48 PM
I'm working on a map too... but with the fun I have irl atm I doubt I'll be able to complete it in time to be considered for the first phase...
I'll gladly help everyone with testing too btw, get in touch... I'm a pretty picky bastard (in a good sense) when it comes to critting maps, mmh kay?

21st Jun 2003, 08:12 PM
Well I do need some feed back on a map I posted a day ago. Trying to get it ready. It is pretty much finished.

post comments there.

It does not have a simple layout. The flag rooms are back to back. You can see eachothers flag rooms thru the water cooling windows. The bots know their way around. The assult pathing got a little complicated. But I do need some feed back. Hope you like the eyecandy. By the way electricity and lightning will kill you!