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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ProAsm, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. ProAsm

    ProAsm Active Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    Due to a forum crash this is a duplicate posting.

    Zound 54 - Released January 2007

    Name: Zound
    Version: 5.4
    Compatibility: 3369+/-
    Description: Zound will say triggered words from the players chat line.

    Comments: This is a major upgrade to this mutator. All admins are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the many new enhancements. Special thanks to ProAsm for entertaining all of the suggestions from the community and taking this mutator to the next level and then some.

    Noteable changes from 54:

    1. Sexy in game menu
    Makes easy to view, trigger, mute, add to favorites all the triggers. See below for all the new features.

    2. Dedicated
    This has now been dumped as the Dedicated=True and Dedicated=False as we now know them are now one, in otherwords its True and False at the same time.
    The Dedicated words are always present, and if DedicatedOnly=False in the Zounds= string then that means the Trigger is available in both the dedicated single word as well as in mid sentence.
    Just a word of information here regarding mid sentence.
    If the sentence is more than 3 times the length of the trigger word, the trigger word can be anywhere in the sentence.
    If the sentence is less than above but more that twice the length of the trigger word then it can be the last word in the sentence.
    Otherwise it needs a word on either side of it.
    cool hey - will not work
    oh cool - will also not work
    cool game this hey - that will work
    This is cool - that will work
    A cool game - that will also work

    3. ShowToSelf=True
    If set to False then the player typing the Triggerword will also not see it in his chat anymore.

    4. AnnounceOnce=False
    This is also new and if set to True then the Welcome (PlayerEnter) sounds will only sound when the player joins the server and not every level there after.
    This does not affect the PlayerExit sounds.

    5. Muted Triggers
    A client can now bring down the Trigger menu and add his own trigger words that he wants muted forever. These muted words will be saved in his ZoundClient.ini file and loaded onto every Zound54 Server when he joins. They are muted on a server by server basis. When someone triggers one of these words, everyone except himself will hear this word. Even if he triggers the word himself, he wont hear it but everyone else will. Currently the Muted string can be a maximum of 200 characters.

    6. Favorite Triggers
    Clients can add favorite triggers on a server by server basis to make it easier to access their favorite triggers. Currently the Favorite string can be a maximum of 250 characters.

    7. PlayerExit
    PlayerExit sound is now also only triggered if the player leaves during the game and not game end anymore as everyone leaves at game end.
    Up to now any player could trigger the Special sounds like PlayerEnter etc, this is no longer possible and is preserved for Zound and the Admin.

    8. NewGameTrig/EndGameTrig
    This has been dumped

    9. Hello and Byebye
    These 2 special logon/logoff triggers have now also been dumped and Admin need to use the PlayerEnter and PlayerExit trigger names here.

    10. AdminOnly,ShowTrigger,HideinMenu Logic
    This has been totally rewritten to make more sense. We can give specifics if needed, but the way it is now should be a lot more intuitive now.

    11. Dedicated Keybind for Menu
    'END' key is mapped as the default keybind to bring up the zound menu. Much like 'HOME' key for UT2vote. This is to make it easy to access all commands. This key can be changed to any other key the client chooses (within the menu)

    12. ZoundClient.ini
    This is now created in the client's system folder. This is used to store favorites, muted triggers, and other zound settings.

    13. Permanent Zound ON/OFF
    This is now added such that client's don't have to enable/disable zound on every level. Default is ON, but one tick in the menu turns off.

    14. Mutate Zound ON/OFF
    This was added back as well to allow those who want to make a keybind to turn zound ON/OFF at any time. This will be on a level to level basis only.

    15. Clientside Volume control
    This allows clients to determine the volume of the zounds. Severside volume controls have all been removed.

    16. bBuffSound removed
    This is now hardwired as True as we had many complaints from Admin that had sounds overriding each other by being cut off etc so the sound is now permanently buffered

    17. Changed Hidden= to HideInMenu=
    To help make logics more intuitive

    18. DedicatedOnly=
    This is added to individual string lines. The global Dedicated= switch has been removed. Again to help sort logics.

    19. SoundFilename= is now Filename
    More logic stuff

    20. Automated .txt file dump
    This was added to give clients a way to dump a server's trigger list to a local text file called ZoundNames.ini.
    ZoundDump=(ServerID="192168929777",Triggers=cool,h ello,.....................)

    21. Banned Player
    The bug with not being able to unban a player 'on the fly' has been fixed.
    The banned player will now also be notified when he tries to open his Menu.

    22. ZPlayerList and ZPlayerBan
    These two items have been renamed to ZoundPlayerList and ZoundPlayerBan respectively and their names should be changed accordingly in the ini file.

    23. SortTriggerList=
    You will now find this in the [Zound54.ZoundTriggers] with all your triggers.
    Setting it True will sort all your TriggerNames in Alphabetical order when you start your server.

    24. Trigger Test
    Clients can now test a trigger from the menu before actually triggering it to all players on the server (or using one of their allotted triggers).

    25. Prevent players from reconnecting to reset 'soundseach'
    This stops spammers from being able to get a new set of zounds in a single level

    26. [Zound53.ZTriggers] is now [Zound54.ZoundTriggers]

    27. Player Mute
    A Player Muting option has been added to the Menu to enable the player to Mute any one Player he wishes.
    This information is displayed to the Player and he can change it at will or select "None".
    NB. This information is not carried over to the next level, so its a level to level operation.


    This is a standalone exe that creates a zound.ini from any uax file. This was desiged to make it easy to use packages from other servers without having to manually type out all of the triggers in Ued. It also makes adding newly created packages very easy and takes a fraction of the time it used to take to add the triggers to the ini.

    **With the many syntax changes, please use ZConvert to allow you to easily convert from Zound 5x to Zound 54

    Converts Zound.ini from any* previous version to the proper syntax and entries for Zound 54

    *can't say for sure ALL previous version will work, but anything 40+ should be fine for sure

    Credits: ProAsm, UT2Vote Team
    Homepage: http://www.proasm.com
    Download: http://www.proasm.com/files/Zound54.zip
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2008
  2. lokomaniako

    lokomaniako New Member

    May 26, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Hi, Thanks for your work is excellent, I have problems with the mutator Zound55, see if you can help me. This mutator is excellent on the server.

    Use this mut in KillingFloor. The mut works but when I download the client for Redirection is http or from the game, jump Version Mismatch.

    I guess some file KF is already existing with this name and so the error from the client to download.

    There is a way to change the name of the mutator for this error does not occur or some other possibility?

    Thanks and greetings to the entire community.

    Sorry use translator.
  3. tdw-socke

    tdw-socke Member

    Nov 21, 2003
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    a bit late...

    please check the writing twice. Especially regarding capital letters. Windows and Linux handle it in different ways.

    if there are really mutator-files with the same name, there's nothing we can do about it, afaik... If the sound-files have the same name, you could simply rename them.

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