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Discussion in 'Beta Testing' started by Postal, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Postal

    Postal I apear to have lost my pin.

    Nov 14, 1999
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    Quoted from Atari Forums

    Yet Another Real-life Mod [alpha][pics][DL]
    Name: Y.A.R.M.
    Version: 104
    Compatibility: UT2004 (patch 3339)
    Description: Yet Another Real-life Mod. Semi Realistic weapon and player pack. Players choose between six classes to fight as: Sniper, Recon, Infantry, Demolition, Spy, and Assault. Each class has different speeds and health statistics as well as starting inventory. Also features an "experimental" (my word for alpha) mutator giving players special vision modes (Night, Motion Tracking and Thermal vision). Featured weapons: Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Kabar Knife, Supressed .22 cal pistol, Combat Pistol (with TAClight), Single Shot Grenade Launcher, Smoke Grenades, Gas Grenades, Timed mines, Remote Mines, Proxy Mines.

    Comments: All non explosive weapons feature melee attacks. Players can climb up ledges as well as perform "railing jumps" as in Splinter Cell (configurable via mutator). Players can also lean and go prone. Jumping is limited so that it is only allowed when there is something in front of the player or they are running full speed in the forward direction. Make sure to assign keys to these functions in the controls. For instructions on how to perform rail jumps and ledge climbs READ THE YARM104.txt help file. I made/modelled/animated/skinned/coded almost all of the mod since December 18 (a little over two weeks). Some of the code was based on previous work I had lying around.

    Screenshot: Sorry these are kind of lowres!(edit)
    Screen 1: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...ginasbestos.jpg
    Screen 2: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...ssaultrifle.jpg
    Screen 3: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...nadeaction1.jpg
    Screen 4: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...pysquareoff.jpg
    Screen 5: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...ontracking2.jpg
    Screen 6: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...htonpistol2.jpg
    Screen 7: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...hermalview2.jpg
    Screen 8: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...sniperrifle.jpg
    Screen 9: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...abaraction1.jpg

    A folder full of screenshots: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...s/yarm_screens/

    Credits: me M. Eck, plus sounds from Mr White/Bertuliet (agent X); in game menu mutator code and tracer code from EvilDrWong; Postal and Mr SD over at the WMP; many tutorials on the Wiki (weapon code and interactions); SquirrelZero's flashlight example on the wiki.
    Homepage: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...UT_content.html
    Download: http://students.washington.edu/mpec...ds/YARMv104.zip

    Tango Down: Rainbow Six Multiplayer for UT2k3 and 2k4

    Goldeneye N64 mines for UT2K4

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