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Discussion in 'Unreal 2' started by Leo(T.C.K.), May 24, 2015.

  1. Leo(T.C.K.)

    Leo(T.C.K.) Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2006
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    Those come from the Unreal 2 Disc. Many of them couldn't be opened and crashed and some crashed with render error which could be fixed by rebuilding lighting, the ones renamed to XBOX in filename are such. Others have been saved on a version incompatible with the current pc one and as such couldn't be loaded, having errors like bad name index, file EOF errors etc etc. Several maps have missing texture references in terrain thus producing funny invisible terrain results. There are some notable differences though, the sanctuary map has no see through door in the generator control room, many maps have been split in twice, but you only see this in acheron, you can;t get to the lincoln secret unless cheating, etc...
    The avalon m10 map has waitingotherplayer message which is one of the modifications made to the xbox version map for co-op play to avoid stuck map situations. However the check for this is missing, producing this result and the map could be sequence broken in several spots and it can't truly be ended.
    Those are the couple of things from top of my head. Sadly the most different maps could not be loaded, like the na koja abad ones past the first map, more reminescent of some of the alpha ideas...
    Oh yea and the spidergun is gone from janus loadout (m09). The Xbox version had that gun cut completely, it might have been in the game data b ut its not actually used neither described from isaac. Though he does describe he's doing something with the bio mass but in the xbox universe he never returns on that subject!
    I'd like btw if someone packed the unreal 2 demo maps too since they have some differences. I don't feel like installing the demo just for that. I used to have themn separate but I don't have acess to that data now.

    XBOXXMP.rar - the xmp maps, acording to rumors many of them have been fixed for xbox past the final patch and should be more up to date, including out of terrain clipping. Those are the ones that could be opened. I didn't alter any of them but they have missing references. I'm sure EQ2 could take a look, fix references and compare the maps.

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