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"Winning hearts and minds.."

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Spier, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. kungpaosamuraiii

    kungpaosamuraiii HOVER TANKS

    Mar 31, 2002
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    I love this guy :D

    As to what I said before, I wrote a sentence describing a small part of Bush's motivation. It was meant to be oversimplified otherwised I would've had to make a somewhat larger post which I didn't have the patience for. What I wanted to say was that the first Gulf War impacted profoundly the decision to attack Iraq this time. Mainly to take some pressure off of Bush, Saddam forced the UN to take action the first time and since the deed was more or less unfinished gave Bush a little more motivation to attack. Had Canada been the one annexing Kuwait I'm pretty sure Bush would have attacked Canada now. Assuming the Canada was supplied with chemical and biological weapons to fight off the communists during the coldwar and some evil dictator took over Canada of course.

    Now that I expanded my statement I'm not sure I said what I meant to say... Though my comparisons between Sentry Studios and the United States does convey what I think.
  2. Hadmar

    Hadmar Queen Bitch of the Universe

    Jan 29, 2001
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    I'll try it with a pice of badly written fiction:

    Jack clearly know illegal parking is wrong, yet he had an improtant appointment and so he decided to do it. As he came back he found his car was gone. He went to the police where they told them it's up on auction and that he shouldn't complain as noone forced him to park where he wasn't allowed to.

    Jack needs his car so he decided to bid and get his car back. The officer at the entrance told him he can't place a bid becouse the auction is meant as punishment and he is not allowed to get his car back.

    Jack was crushed. He needed his car so what could he do? He had an idea. He aske a passer-by if he would place the bid for him and that he would get 300$ as payment for it. The man agreed and managed to win the car. The next day Jack was waked early by a cop who arrested him. The next thing Jack know is that he and the guy who helped him get his car back got the death penalty for fraud.

    Look up unjust and draconian punishment.

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