Weapon Suggestions (please read !)

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New Member
Feb 6, 2010
Hello im here to give you guys some suggestion on how to balance some weapons and fix some ones :

First the Mechanic Class :

Give their pistol ( i guess its P228) less recoil ( 20-40% less) and faster firing speed ( like 30 or 20% more) but always keep the medic/other pistols faster)

Shotgun : it should decap 3 monsters like Killing Floor ( to be more realistic) how a shotgun is supposed to be (killing monsters en masse)

Medic Class :
Pistol : ok i guess , but OVERALL THE BUG OF NON DECAP'ING specimens while SHOOTING with ANY PISTOL need to be fixed to make pistols more effective

Shotgun : How said , shotguns should decap more monsters instead of 1 , this makes shotguns with less ammo and equal effective as Pistols or SMGs/RIfles when its supposed to be a ammo-spread killing a good amount of
monsters around ( or just decap) , but this shotgun how its FASTER firing , decap 2 unlike mechanics shot that have less ammo , but supposed to decap more.


Rocket : should give them a bit more ammo , ( 10 rockets instead of 8 ) 5 x 2
and fix Rockets/SMG issue that only shows the animation but doesnt really fire.

SMG : Add to the Total ammo a amount of 30 bullets ...(120+30 )
staying with 30 in the weapon and 150 of reserve.

Overall CHanges :

Husks : Why so much ? its annoying hard to beat all the Zeds around when there are lots of husks launching fire balls at you , cut their ammount by 20% or 15% at less.

Grenades : each class should carry 3 or 5 (depending of how heavier their arsenal is i.e :medics 3 , rocketeers 5 , mech 3)

Ammo boxes : increase the HP to around 300-400HP , they are destroyed pretty much easy , or just simply dont allow to shots decrease the HP or destroy them as it is needed by the whole entire team.

Note : these OVerall are optional changes that may replace any of the suggestions above them.

THanks ,and remember its all just Suggestions
Guys comment , but please do not flame.
See you ! who wants to add me at Steam -> Gamecs2 but identify ur self =]