Weapon pickups and bots, got to get them all, collecting fun

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Feb 27, 2001
IMHO Inf 2.75 was fun, while not the most “Realistic” version :D

The mobile game flow created through the clichéd FPS gimmick of seeking pickups to maintain the players edge, and the chalenging bots made it what it was.

So I was pondering ways future versions might adapt the various unrealistic game elements that create player motivation, into more realistic elements while maintaining the same freeform motivation/effect on play.

Weapon pickups: their impact on game play = encourage player to move around map gathering weapon resources, rewards dynamic movement, cautious anticipation, and smart ambushes, and is why they are still in nearly every FPS.

Extra lives/Respawn: their impact on game play = keeps the game flowing, less boring sitting on the sidelines for the next round, losing the resources (weapons/Items) gathered with that life/character is only a temporary setback, not so bad that you couldn’t possibly recover your lost edge with skill and win the match.

So this was the idea that I figured might work

Exchanging weapon pickups with “Soldier drop zone” bot spawn point.

And the extra lives/instant respawn with a “Raven Shield” style switching to a surviving team member bot when you die, and only if you run out of bots do you have to sit out and wait for the next wave.

Soldier Drop Zone: these would each be given a soldier class type that could be specified by an administrator, much like a UT weapon base, when this actor is activated by a player, a bot with the weapon class is spawned, and will follow your orders. These bot spawn points could be integrated into the map, hidden to look like foxholes, sniper nest, or other such hiding places.

the player could freely switch between collected team members to access a needed weapon for varying situations.

Bots would follow orders and hold positions much like regular bots (except they stay were they are told and don’t abandon their post), this opens possibilities for players to leave sniper teams to cover advancing assault forces. Place guards at key locations, or send a lone soldier to collect reinforcements in a small vehicle while the rest wait.

This retains the old school strategies, but with a new face, will you “Regroup” collecting soldiers scattered around the map, or count on speed and surprise by attacking directly with only a small specifically armed force (favored weapon class).

This would allow mappers to balance game flow the same way it was done with regular pickups.
For example there might be Soldier Drop Zones close to the player start allowing a player to leave base with a full team, but in the center hot spots of the map Soldier Drop Zones might be scarce or in vulnerable locations, will the player hold the position or go for backup?

Examples of types of soldiers that could be used
  • Grunt
  • Sniper
  • SAW gunner
  • SWAT CQB (Flash bangs, suppressed weapons)
  • Demolition Engineer (shotgun, claymore, satchel charge)
  • VIP (has special item required for some objective based maps)

By making bots an integral part of strategic play, the player would need a way to order them without having to search through command menus, it needs to be easy to use even under fire.

For example, to directly order a soldier, look at a soldier and click the “Use” key to get their attention.

Then while doing one of the following, press the “Use” key a second time
  • look at the same soldier to change bodies
  • look at a map location to order the soldier to camp on that spot
  • look at another team member and the soldier will follow them
  • look at your feet and the soldier will follow you
  • look at a trigger, orders the soldier to activate the trigger and then continue with their last orders.
  • look at another players Fire Team Soldier on your side to give the bot to that player
  • look straight up to cancel the order selection, or wait several seconds and it clears itself

Such an intuitive pointing system could I think, make leapfrogging a team between cover a fairly hassle free maneuver

Opinions, thoughts?
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Taijutsu Specialist
Dec 7, 2003
Interesting idea, a little reminiscent of an older idea where players control a fireteam instead of 1 soldier. So with 8 players on a team, you actually have a large squad of 24 soldiers, 8 real, the rest a simple "follow/hold/action" AI bot. Instead of the player getting respawns, he only gets to possess the bodies of his fireteam, so 4 lives in this case.

I can picture one of these Next Gen squad-based FPS using a system like this. But INF 2.75? It would take quite a bit of re-coding the player/bot class wouldn't it? Good luck Ibex :)


Feb 27, 2001
2.75 :lol: no, I don’t think it could be done, swapping characters it UT99 during play would be hard to code, that was one of the big improvements UT2k brought to the unreal engine

I intended to mean, take concepts that were fun (Acquiring weapons and Bots) and implement them with a realism twist, in a newer engine :)

But otherwise yes, essentially Fire teams following a player with a fixed maximum team size/number of bots allowed at once per player during a game.

Just something to consider for future projects on newer engins.

With larger nextgen maps, more combatants on the battlefield would be nice.


New Member
Jan 7, 2003
I like the idea of not having respawns and instead switching to the next available bot soldier.

On the other hand, bots are always mindless cheating automatons. I'd rather they just stay out of my multiplayer experience altogether.


Don't hate me because I'm pretty
Feb 19, 2002
Houston Texas
I have suggested this before and think it's a good idea. The problem that occurs is how do you reward people who don't get killed. That is to say bots will be killed along with players so there will be fewer bots to jump into as things progress. As long as it's one player per fire team and that player can jump into any of those bots it's fine but if there are more players than fire teams it could get complicated.


Feb 27, 2001
One Fire Team per player, player owns their bots just like players own their weapons in regular UT

For example, their own Shock Rifle and Flack Cannon that they would switch between in UT.
Except here it would be Assault rifle grunt bot, and Shotgun demolition engineer bot that they could switch between .

And like in UT were you could toss a weapon to another player, it could allow players to give a bot to another player, by simply ordering the bot to follow the other players fire team, if that other fire team has room for another soldier.