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Weapon Idea

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by VertigoMan, Aug 13, 1999.

  1. VertigoMan

    VertigoMan Guest

    You know those .44 revolvers? Sure ya do! How about putting one of those in a future version with a scope on it! Or a .357 with a silencer, (yes its possible, watch the movie Magnum Force), Or for those stealth occasions, a blowgun with toxic darts!
  2. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Hey those are good ideas, except for the blow gun one, not exactly standard military issue.

    Perhaps instead maybe a silencer modification for the Beretta, or make a new .22 silenced pistol like in Delta Force.

    Hey that's an awesome idea.
    I'm going to go model that now I think...
  3. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

    Guys, first off: you should word things differently if you want a better chance at having them done. Like ASK them to CONSIDER putting a .44 in future releases instead of TELLING them to.

    As far as it being possible to do something because it was in a movie... !?!? Need I say more??

    [ jedi.catch ]
  4. InCuBuS

    InCuBuS Guest

    yea blowgun isn't very military, I must agree, maybe something else : when you get hit in the legs you run slower, in the arms you aim harder, realistic wounds, that would be cool as well I think?
  5. Catalyst

    Catalyst Guest

    All these things are planned for Infiltration 3.0 which is planned to be for Unreal Tournament. If we can pull all this stuff together in a solid package 3.0 should be quite a treat.
  6. Catalyst

    Catalyst Guest

    One other thing: Classic mode needs to change. I just don't think the idea of one side playing against the clock is fair, and it is really hard to balance this with a map.
    SO, what do you guys think should change with Classic mode. Whatever it is, both sides need to have the same objective probably. This ensures balance. But we want to stay away from CTF...someone help me out here /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif
  7. Stallion

    Stallion Guest

    Maybe a variation of CTF, cough*TF*cough. Maybe you could also have it where you need to bring the CDs to a central data center. This way, there would be three places of battle, with the mutual section being the most heated. Just a thought...or maybe you could do a prison type mod where it is the above mode with a Quake2 Jailbreak-ish gameplay.

    Chris "Stallion" Lambert
    Webmaster at Mod Central

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