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Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Coca Lola, Aug 24, 1999.

  1. Coca Lola

    Coca Lola Guest

    I took the liberty to start a new thread as the other one was getting lenghty.

    I have some more ideas, here goes:

    1. Aiming and Crosshairs
    Is there a delay so you can't turn your head faster than a certain degree? If it is, please remove it!
    The crosshair could reflect any bad aiming that is if you run the crosshair would move around and if you get hit the crosshair would make a leap and slowly go back to the middle of the screen.
    the crosshair could move to the left if you turn sharply to the right(your head moves faster than your aim)
    also if you are shooting with automatic guns the crosshair would move more and more irrational.
    I definately think the crosshair should stay as it reflects that its easier to hit in the real world as you can calculate the path in three dimensions.
    Another option is to have a crosshair ala Rainbow 6(I think) like a circle that gets bigger when your accuracy decreases.

    2. Bullets hitting the wall around you
    I dont like the way bullets hits the ground etc. It should be much more visible and louder especially on the silenced guns.
    I often notice that I'm fired upon by decrease in health and not by the sight of bullets hitting the ground around me.
    I think that there should be large splashes for every bullet not just the small smoke that is the case currently and also a loud noise. I also would like it if there sometimes would be some ricochets.

    3. Hand grenades
    The biggest problem with hand grenades are that they take a long time to throw if you don't want them at your feet. The visible blast should also be bigger, you should really see it's a handgrenade and not a firecracker. The hurt range could also be a bit larger as people tend to be running all the time...
    The idea of having a hotkey for grenades and then getting your old weapon back is also a great idea.

    As for some other ideas that i saw in the other posts, I think that backpacks with all the opponents stuff is a great idea.

    btw, that could even be a game mode, as a sort of king of the hill, kill the king and get all of his stuff. That is everyone on the king and the king has all the great weapons. Of course the king does'nt get many points for killing the other players. But if you kill the king you would get a lot of points and his backpack, the backpack would accumulate with your own and with players who may kill you so the backpack would get bigger all the time. Who is the king is determined by who has the most weapons. You could even have a glow around the king so that everyone sees who to shoot.
    You could also have ranks like King, Lord, Squire etc. one third of each. It could probably also be a team game like if a Squire shoot at another Squire he wouldn't get hurt. And when you get that submachine gun, you automatically become a Lord etc, That would even the game if there is uneven skill among the players

    A lasersight something that would be very nice.

    I wonder if anyone noticed but the best weapon in the game(well for me anyway) is the shootgun, its almost always one shoot one kill.

    I think crawling is a wonderfull idea, especially if you want to defend, as you would get hard to hit.

    A loadout screen is also a good a idea for faster gameplay. I think
    everything should be on the same screen from skin selection to weapon
    selection for uniformity and overall look. btw isn't there a way to
    personalize your characters more? I think that all skins look the
    same from a distance. It would be great if you could change different things separately like boots and helmets and logos on your back etc.
  2. Matthias

    Matthias Guest

    A ricochet? Sounds interesting...
    I would like to know if the shotgun in pump mode does more damage than when it is in semi auto firing mode?
    Is there going to be a reason for having two sniper rifles? Could the robar replace the PSG and have a different weapon added?

  3. Warren

    Warren Guest

    The crosshairs will only appear when you're aiming the weapon. As far as special configuring goes, it's something we'll probably play with in our beta testing for version 3. We'd like to keep away from being exactly like other games, but if we can create a good balance of realism and playability, than being similiar won't be that bad. If anyone else has ideas on how they'd like the crosshairs to behave, let us know!

    Bullets.. your point is well taken and I agree- a round should really kick up the dirt around it mixed with some thuds and louder ricochet sounds- make you really feel your in danger. We can also play around with actual bullets randomly ricocheting off walls, but the problem is there's no way to tell what type of texture you're near because a bullet is liable to simply stick into a brick or wood surface, but react totally different on metals. Maybe if UT offers some sort of support for this, it would be much more reasonable.

    The general concensus is to greatly increase the effects of the hand grenade, as well as allow you to throw the grenade farther, quicker. We'll do better at balancing this weapon - along with other explosive projectiles - in version 3. You can be knocked from your feet, loose limbs, and/or loose your weapon from a near blast. The screen should shake violently for a second. Things like this will give a more realistic feel to explosives.

    Game modes will be kept more realistic so a player can't really carry around all the weapons and equipment of those he kills and be able to walk normally and be responsive to attacks. Instead a 'king of the hill' would need to stick to points or kills- or maybe be in control of a special weapon (ala the golden gun in goldeneye) or something to that nature. We have another game mode in the works that will be a great hit if we can put it together right. I'll be getting more into that when I return this Saturday or Sunday.

    We might add a laser sight fitting to a couple weapons. Weapon attachments as choices or options will need evaluation to see if it's worth the trouble. The easiest thing would be to have a weapon already have all it's attachments all the time- but we realize how nice it would be to have the option..

    One of the options we gearing towards with the loadout screen is to not only be able to select the weapons and items, but choose your model too- and depending on what game mode your playing, the skin. With UT, you'll be able to configure your bot more precisely too.

    The shotgun IS more powerful in pump mode- simply because we needed an advantage to using each mode. It seems pretty well balanced as both have their pros and cons.

    The PSG and Robar will both be in the game- and they both have their likes and dislikes. Think about it- one is a semi-auto weapon that holds 20 rounds, yet isn't as powerful. The other only holds 5 rounds, has a MUCH slower firing rate, but is much more powerful and has a longer range scope. At a medium range where the enemy could still get a shot off at you, the PSG would be ideal because of it's high rate of fire, even if it takes a couple rounds to the chest to kill someone (headshots will be instant kill). The Robar is perfect for extreme long ranges where the enemy can't really see you and you have time to focus in on one shot which will most definitely end in a kill. That's just one scenario for either weapon, but shows how each is significant. I wouldn't worry about losing slots for other weapons. We already have more weapons planned for development then are slots available, so there will be some that overlap. More than likely the weapons that are more exotic will be the ones that double up, while the more common weapons are the ones that hold the primary slot. The nice thing is though, with us developing the Loadout window where you choose your weapons and are limited by weight, you won't be able to fill all the slots anyway.
  4. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

    hey... is anyone planning on making many more models for the Inf players? I think you should make it more known that people are encouraged to make models for people so there will be MANY possible looks for everyone.

    [ jedi.catch ]
  5. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Right now, there are 2 people who will work on the new player models for version 3. Myself and JediLuke. We'll try and make plenty of variants to choose from- the nice thing about having all human models as apposed to aliens is once we've done a couple, they aren't hard to manipulate after that. At it stands, I'll be doing the skins unless we can find outside help on this. After 2.5 is released, we'll look into exactly what sort of skins to include. They will all be military-style in one way or another- with some possible terrorist styles too. Wouldn't it be cool to have one side dressed in SpecOps clothes and the other 'terrorists' in Hawaiian shirts, shorts or trenchcoats! Or some suit and tie skins for a more bodygaurd look. We'll try and include military uniforms from many countries- without hopefully taking too long to finish, which is why a good skinning artist would be a great help. We aren't advertising for one now because we won't be in need of one for a little bit yet.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey, great, military skins from different countries. Which countries (besides America)???
    I hope to see a German Uniform (would fit well to Heckler and Koch, especially to the G11)
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ehm, and will the SpecOps team have Urban or Jungle-Uniforms?
    The best thing would be if you modelled both.
  8. Coca Lola

    Coca Lola Guest


    Some more ideas,

    Picking up the grenades and throwing them back.

    When you shoot your aim moves upward but when you stop shooting the aim comes down again. Wouldn't it be better if you had to move the mouse down yourself?

    When someone dies he could slowly be morphed/changed into a skeleton rather than just disappearing.

    Or the corpses could remain longer and if there was to many at one place they could be changed into a puddle of blood.

    feigning is a very cool idea. Maybe one could have a key combination like slow+backwards to do it to limit the number of keys used?

    Some more game mode ideas:
    Vampire, when you kill some one two random items will spawn, and there is nothing in the level.

    The proximity mines should have a larger detection area so you only
    have to place one in a doorway to block it.
  9. Coca Lola

    Coca Lola Guest

    More game ideas:
    Bounty hunter, you get more points for killing a better opponent how good the opponent is is determined by their weight

    Ninja, one person has a gun, the others have powerful samurai swords and grappling hooks

    Artifact guns, some guns are distributed through the level and to get one you have to kill the one who has it.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Talking about any replacement for Classic.
    I wrote down my ideas some time ago but noone but 2 reviewed it. Please do it now and drop me a line what you think about it. My ideas are under 'replacement for classic'
  11. Warren

    Warren Guest

    What other countries we choose will depend. After 2.5 is released I'll be trying to gather pictures for as many uniforms as possible from the net and the library. As far as styles of uniforms go, my plan is to do at least a couple versions for most countries. I own three versions for America anyway- desert, jungle, and urban. A winter one would be kinda cool too /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif The biggest concern with all these skins is if I have to do them myself, that will hamper my ability to finish models, animations, and skins for version 3 in a descent amount of time.

    Picking up grenades to throw back is certainly possible. We'd have to make it so once you're standing on the grenade you press a button to pick it up (if you just ran over it and picked it up every time that could be a problem for those more interested in plain running away- especially if there is only a couple seconds left in the fuze!) which would immediately bring up the grenade so you can throw it. Tossing it would probably be set to a certain distance immediately so all you had to do is press the fire button.

    The thing with the aim will be changed so it doesn't do that anymore- it's driven me nutz a couple times /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

    Keeping with realism, we won't be morphing any bodies- What would be good is after they disappear to leave a bloody pool behind.

    The problem with the prox mine is that it doesn't really behave like normal mines do. When it reacts by leaping into the air, it's actually what a bouncing betty does- and that mine is triggered by stepping on it. Most mines are triggered that way. Proximity comes from a trip wire. The effect is cool, but we'll have to look into what's better to keep this thing real. If you have opinions on it, let us know! If we changed it to be triggered by stepping on it, we'd have to make it so the mine was partialy burried in the ground too.

    The game modes must be kept fairly realistic so we won't be doing any ninjas. And right now you will be able to get other weapons from players if you kill them. It'd be best if weapons in the level itself started in a 'weapon room' if at all- This whole Loadout page will be a nice addition to Infiltration. We'll be looking at every idea for weapon modes, especially now that UT can have 64- so keep those ideas coming as well!

    [This message has been edited by Warren (edited 08-26-1999).]
  12. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest


    I read your topic, response is there.
  13. Hodag

    Hodag Guest

    It would be nice to see balaclava and NVG wearing models...

    Oh Great... another Mac
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Raekwon!!!
  15. Coca Lola

    Coca Lola Guest

    I agree with farrp. I think that different kinds of turrets should be entered in the infiltration code so a mapmaker had more options when he makes his levels. Altough the turrets must be real looking. What about unlimited ammo?

    Some civilians/hostages/non combatants.

    I also think that the mapmaker should be able to customize more on a per map basis(of course without any additional mods). What if the game mode was determined by the map,and not the other way around?
    Wouldn't it be cool if the mapmaker could set rules for the loadout screen in classic mode for weapons and uniforms. That way the mapmaker could make more immersive story driven levels whitout sacrificing simplicity for the frag-a-holic. He could even choose the name of the teams lets say terrorist vs. police.

    Standoff map idea: A hostage situation in an airport. The terrorists have fortified themselves inside the airport and the police have to wipe them out. Complete with hostages and airplanes.

    [This message has been edited by Sigma (edited 08-27-1999).]
  16. Warren

    Warren Guest

    That's a very good point Sigma. Allowing the map maker to somewhat customize what the loadout screen displays would allow for more versitile maps and gameplay. What we also plan to do is create characters with and without backpacks (which you'll be able to tell from the loadout screen) so they will be limited to say, a handgun and one SMG or rifle. We'll look into this along with the mutators for UT.. and who says the forums are useless?
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This idea is great!
  18. Billdog

    Billdog Guest

    Please change the weapon that the AT4 is replaced with, if you are going to keep it. In a lot of maps there are a lot of shells and a AT4 but no shotgun /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif. A possible exchange item would have to be a solo like superhealth, shieldbelt and forcefield /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
    Keep up the steam /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif and thank you for your attention.

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