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UT3 WAR-Gizeh [PC] [Beta1]

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by belzaran, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. belzaran

    belzaran New Member

    Apr 13, 2009
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    Name: WAR-Gizeh
    Version: Beta 1
    Compatibility: version 2.0 / Titan Pack
    Description: This map takes place in Egypt, in the Gizeh Desert, between temples and pyramids. Shinny on the outside, dark on the inside !
    All design or gameplay advices are welcome for the upcoming beta or final versions !
    Comments: This map is my first map for Unreal Tournament III and is so my first warfare map. That's why the map is symetrical, simple and small.

    I really need some gameplay and design advices.

    Vehicules :
    - 2 Goliath
    - 4 Scorpions
    - 2 Hellbender








    Download : http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/download/90709

    Have fun !
  2. Waffnuffly

    Waffnuffly >:E

    Nov 4, 2001
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    This map still needs a lot of work. First off, there's a ton of stuff that blocks vehicles, making navigation incredibly rough and sometimes frustrating. The little signs, small rocks sticking out, etc. If you can, either put these things flush with other obstacles, or make it so they don't block vehicles at the very least. And you should probably make the little entrances to the town area much wider if you want vehicles to pass through that area. Otherwise, make them smaller so vehicles can't get in at all, and that should help cut down on bot issues.

    Node layout: battle for the indoor prime node can be fun, but what does the outdoor one do? Just provide extra vehicles? It didn't seem to allow me to attack the core if I had it, and it didn't seem to provide any extra advantages when I had the prime node too.

    You also have a spot in each base where players can stand on the hill with the link gun and just unload on the enemy core from a very long distance. Was this intended? It can work, but I think it makes it too easy to do a lot of core damage without repercussions or risk until a Goliath can get you in its sights (which isn't easy when it has to go up a hill AND it gets stuck all over obstacles).

    The visuals look nice outdoors, but inside the prime area is kinda bland. Also, there's only three routes to get in there; if I were you, I'd make some small back-door route accessible to mix up the gameplay a bit more in there. You could also add a similar direct core-to-core route between the bases, either underground or through a canyon. Just some ideas there.

    The main things to work on, though, are the collision snags and the visual details inside the prime area. The rest isn't too bad, but I didn't really enjoy the gameplay that much since I (and bots especially) kept getting stuck everywhere when trying to drive around. You need Warfare maps to be highly accessible to vehicles, especially ground vehicles, since combat can get intense and you need room to maneuver. It's ok to make small maps with vehicles, but give the area that use them a lot of space.

    And don't forget to add sound effects and music! There weren't any at all when I played this, which also detracts from atmosphere, but since this is a beta I'm sure you've planned to add those.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2009

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