UT99: Hows this for a skin?

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Lets just say... a while back I posted something regarding a .w3d, and this is it, and I doubt 99% that there is a .w3d converter. So, please, as a SkeletalMesh for UT99... yes yes, I know that UT99 modellers are rare nowadays, but please, thats all im asking. When I model it looks like a box with smaller boxes as arms and legs and dosent animate, pfffft...

Oh, and make it Gray, not Green...

Thank you.


  • rmecc2c8.bmp
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Dec 19, 2003
This one is silimar



UT-Modelers are rare, but good luck with your request

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Jul 9, 2005
Death Dream said:
That model could use a better skin imo.

~Death Dream~

If you mean the Raven, then I agree. Mech Assault style 4tw.

If you mean ED-209, then I also agree: needs less flood fill/ cell shading and more realistic metal textures.