UT Models - Request for help via IRC

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Nov 7, 2004
Wales, UK
Hello SC'ers! As you may or may not know I offered SaD to use our #Vexel channel on Quakenet IRC for Skin City if he wished. Recently an SC user joined the channel and asked for help regarding a problem he is having with some of the UT99 models online. He signs into the channel quite frequently since first joining us so I said I'd ask on the forum for him (as he dislikes forum communication). Here's what I know;

<Yrol> `Ghost`` i use downloaded models for all bots. some are totally green, some ( bender as an example ) only at the head, some only after they died, some never ( abbey chase ). using UT GOTY v4.51 with all bonuspacks. it doesnt happen in a practice game, but always in an MP-game. its pretty annoying but i cant find anything related to that with google.
<Yrol> and its NOT the teamcolor.

So as he said, some of the models' heads/bodies/both go green online and online only. I suggested he try hosting his own server to see if its just other servers, and he already had done - the error reccurs. He's googled the problem and asked in other UT-based IRC channels and found no solution, so I wondered if any of you guys knew what this error was?

Any help/responses greatly appreciated <3


Skincollecting Fanatic
Sep 6, 2003
All I can think of is installing Advanced Modelsupport .Some models need it .
Advanced Modelsupport V1.10 .

Description :
Advanced Model Support is a free modification for Unreal Tournament enabling the use of new custom models. Modellers who use AMS in their models benefit from easy scripting with full support for custom skins, greater team-colour versatility than Epic's TournamentPlayer and SkeletalPlayer classes, and support for scripted skins allowing experienced skinners to alter the model's display settings. AMS also includes Epic skeletal animations from the Playstation 2 version of UT, both Male and Female versions, meaning AMS models shouldn't need Bonus Pack 4

I hope that helps.