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UT: Diplomacy (...again)

Discussion in 'Concept Discussion Board' started by Dragonflymatthew, Jun 2, 2001.

  1. Dragonflymatthew

    Dragonflymatthew New Member

    Jun 1, 2001
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    Hunter/bounty gametypes have been done to death, so here's another one (which is different).

    I haven't refined the gametype in my head yet, but I have the basic idea. I like the not-quite-friendly feel of an UT Assasins game, and I want to extend it.

    Players are normally friendly to each other. Fighting has serious downsides (not yet sure what, a frag loss is too unoriginal) so players are encouraged not to attack without cause.

    Each player can have a bounty on their head. If you want to place a bounty on someone, you choose thir name and click repeadedly to add 10 credit bundles to their head. You lose the credits immediatly.

    Whenever you see a player, all deals and bounty with you are shown on your hud.

    (This item bit might not get in)
    You should also be able to offer money for an item. Once you have offered, if someone tosses the item and you pick it up, you pay the fee to them.
    perhaps you sell (not buy) items. eg. you have an item, you press the toss key and are asked to select the item's price. If someone tries to take the item, they will be asked to pay the price, leave the item, or take it like a thief.

    Players can form an alliance. The basic way to do this is a truce - you offer another player a 100 credit truce. If they accept, then if one of you kills the other you give the credits to the victim. This would need to somehow take into account falling kills.

    Of course, if your alliance is for 100c (credits) and your buddy has a bounty on his head of 110c... BANG!

    Players can also form a bodyguard deal. If your client accepts, you pay him 50c per minute and if you die (besides a self-kill) then he pays you 100c.

    I recon that this would be really fun, forming (and defecting from) teams on the fly and emphisising teamwork, but I have to decide what the point of the game is.

    IDEA 1: Perhaps there should be many Assault style goals that players can cooperate to reach. After all goals are completed, the mission ends. Some goals would requre items, and so these items would be very prized. For instance, a key item which works just like a CTF flag. When you were carrying it, you would make a lot of enemies who want the flag for themselves, want to sell the flag or want to just stop you from getting points (or collect the bounty on your head placed by someone wanting to stop you getting points)

    Any better ideas for goals than mine?

    If they goal was just frags, I fear that players would not bother forming "clans".

    I really think it would be cool if a player could become very powerful (with skills or items or whatnot) and so many people wanted him dead (because he is wasting everyone) that he has to hire an army of bodyguards to keep alive. Death should be a real pain, and killing someone should be difficult but rewarding. Perhaps the weapon damages should be lowered, or everyone starts with 199 health and 150 armour.


    1) Unless someone has a large bounty, it is not profitable to attack in 1 on 1 combat. Therefore, when you meet someone you will not attack straight away, but may meet and talk.

    Idea: Whenever you kill someone, your bounty is automatically raised by 50credits by the government.

    3) The all new high quality maps must be big. If someone is after someone else, they should have to track them down, asking for directions. "Did you see a yellow warcow?"

    Perhaps you could pay someone to be able to see from their view for 10 seconds. That would be really cool and useful.

    3) When you kill someone, you don't get any of their money. You get all of their inventory.

    People won't spend all their money and lose everything when they die. Instead, they will save their money and when they feel like going on a mission, they will by the equipment that they need.

    4) You will have limited inventory space. Lets make it ten items, one for each number key.

    5) A game should last for a long time, to allow players to build up money and get involved in alliances. Perhaps players should be thrown into default alliances when the game starts, to push them along on the road to teamwork.

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