Uskaarj2k4 news update “Unit deaths problems fixed"

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Jul 8, 2001
Well our coder has replaced the units death effect with one more like one would find in a store bought RTS game :), now when a unit is killed the body will fall then after a set amount of time will then fade into the ground. Also we have also fixed the attack building game crash problem, and now the game does not crash when the building is destroyed.
Also it looks like we fixed the major game crash bug that was slowing down work on USkaarj2k4 and now things are going much faster :).
Krash also over the past weekend got the new edge screen scroll icons in game so now when the player scrolls across the map the icons now show up as they should :)
beside the new edge scroll icons being in, new mouse cursors are now in for some of the commands on the command bar for unit’s commands.

Besides all the above new stuff in the coding department, our head modeler Polycron has been busy working on some new building models and I hope to soon be able to show these new models to all you fans out there, so be sure to check back soon :)