Uskaarj makes it to finalists on MSU

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Jul 8, 2001
Last night I learned that we made it to the MSU finalists list and that we can now compete in the final part of the contest. We had hopes we would make it this far and we are honored we made it, and we are not stopping in our work and we will continue to strive to improve USkaarj and get the rest of the stuff in game that did not make it into the first public alpha and fix the bugs that have been reported. So expect news soon from the development front.

Uskaarj mod leader


Sep 13, 2003
In a bubble
LOL, are you kidding? Of course we didn't win the phase 4 so don't expect we're going to win anything in the last phase. I still don't understand why Epic allowed us to enter finalists ?! Must have been a mistake!