UnWheel2's New Talent!!

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Not of this World
Jan 9, 2004
Central USA
I would like to officially announce two new UnWheel2 members;


Status: Working
RL name: A. Popov
RL occupation: Student and C# programmer
Country: Ukraine
Year of birth: 1985
Web site: http://www.unreal.lone-wolfs-den.com/SP2D/index.html
"I would like to make AI improvements to UnWheel and gametypes stuff".


Well, my name is Opeyemi Ajayi (friends call me "jayo" - due to being unable to pronounce my African name :p). Was raised in my home country (Nigeria), moved to the US in 2003, after graduating High School. That was when I got my first computer and started playing games (while attending UMBC). Got into UT2K4 late 2005 - didn't even know there was such a thing as UEd. Well, fast forward to UT3, I decided to learn how to make those custom levels I played a lot of (started learning UT3Ed December 07). So far, I've won in the Best Capture the Flag map category of the Make Something Unreal Contest with CTF-Sloth (5th Place) and I am completely proud of being able to place with my limited knowledge. Looking forward to bringing to UW2 some really great work. :D

UnWheel2 can really use the talent of these two members! Welcome to the team:clap: