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UE3 - General Unreal Game Designer for Serious Games Studio Raleigh, NC

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by bryant, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. bryant

    bryant Bryant

    Apr 22, 2008
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    We are representing a growing Serious Games Simulation Company in the Greater Raleigh/Durham, NC area that is in need of a talented Senior Game Designer. US Citizens or Permanent Residents only. Relocation Assistance Available.


    The Senior Designer is an advocate of innovation and creativity. They will collaborate with the internal team (Design, Art, Programming, QA and Production), as well as external clients and subject matter experts (SME’s) to conceptualize, document and implement core gameplay concepts, systems and content across multiple projects.

    This person must be a highly experienced designer with strong design sense, leadership skills, and a thorough understanding of games and gameplay mechanics. This person will approach design holistically and must have the ability to take complex learning objectives and embed them into functional, interactive designs.


    * Conceptualize, create and maintain detailed game design documentation throughout the project cycle that meet design, artistic and technical requirements.
    * Design compelling gameplay, scenarios and encounters that incorporate training and learning.
    * Forecast the ramifications of decisions made during the preproduction phase while ensuring that the design vision extends throughout the development process.
    * Develop and implement changes to design based on feedback from the team, SME’s, QA and end users.
    * Collaboratively develop pitches and proposals for prospective clients.
    * Champion the professional development of design staff and ensure that our studio continues to employ the very best individuals.


    * Bachelor’s degree in related field.
    * 5-7 years experience in game development or design related field.
    * Passion to explore how games and interactive technology can positively affect training and education.
    * Ability to organize and prioritize work effectively.
    * Ability to communicate effectively with all levels throughout the organization and have strong working relationships within all levels of the organization.
    * Willing to relocate to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.
    * US citizen or Permanent Resident.

    Preferred Skills

    * Familiar with working in game engines (Unreal experience is ideal).
    * Experience with audio editing and creation software.
    * Able to create intuitive interfaces for a variety of end user skill levels.
    * Strong grasp of game balancing and system design principles.
    * Familiar with interactive teaching and learning methods.
    * Experience leading and managing teams.

    This company provides competitive salaries and outstanding benefits including stock ownership, medical and dental coverage, long-term disability insurance, life insurance, a combination 401(k) profit sharing and money purchase pension plan, annual bonuses, and professional development programs.

    Bryant Madore
    New Business Manager
    JTL Services, Inc.
    Providing Staffing Solutions
    Phone 919-267-9590
    Email: Bryant@jtlservices.com
    Web: www.jtlservices.com
    Work Profile: www.jtlservices.com/bryant
    Linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bryantmadore
    Skype: bryant.madore

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