Unreal 227 Localizations: Portuguese and Spanish

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Successor of Almarion
Jan 12, 2006
Warsaw, PL
Greetings. I may be no Smirftsch, but I guess it won't hurt if I ask for it in his stead.

Oldunreal 227 Localization Project needs you!

Well, more precisely, the project is in dire need of localizations to Spanish (not many things are missing from there) and Portuguese (Return to Na Pali is practically empty). Italian is being filled in by UBerserker, the German version is being dealt with by Sana and the French one is being maintained by Hellkeeper. I'm covering Polish, SkaarjZR said he has plans to update Russian a bit. So that leaves us with Spanish and Portuguese not covered. Anyone speaking those languages is welcome to either contact me or better: contact Smirftsch directly.

I cannot stress this enough: 227 is a joint community effort. And now this effort needs... you.
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