Unreal 2 to Unreal Gold 227 Proof of Concept Map -KALYDON-

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Oct 6, 2012
Porting Unreal II to UGold 227i(j) Proof of Concept Map ~ ISV-makemeunreal





The unofficial 227 patches are really powerful sets of tools given to the users and modders by the masterminds at OldUnreal.
With this patch and a ton of work it would be possible to achieve a fairly authentic port of Unreal 2 and thus letting players explore the beatifully diverse worlds Unreal II has to offer. Even together, as the PC release of Unreal II had no multiplayer support at all. (The Xbox version does have a Splitscreen 2-player CoOp mod, but it is heavily stripped of maps, items and features.)
The map is a test version of one of my ports. It was a painful process as I had to do everything my hand. Please note that I am HEAVILY LIMITED on free-time. With more time and cooperation a much better look could be achieved. The conversion of the terrain was quite a pin in the you-know-what. It lacks proper texturage. It's not written in stone tho as once again I don't have the time this project would require.
This is just one of my conversions. I succesfully converted Atlantis into Unreal however, that is an older port depending more on custom brushwork. There I used Unreal 1's textures and I have to say they fit pretty well. That could be another way a conversion could take.
I also ported Sulferon over which turned out to be a "chimera" of old and new. Then I couldn't port the whole terrain over so I had to remake the terrain by hand.

I'm releasing this map in hopes of finding poeple who get interested in such projects.
Please note that the map has no gameplay value to it. I placed a Stone Titan in one of the valleys but I decided to not to include the ported Unreal 2 weapons as they are confidental stuff and will be used in another project.
The map is an almost identical 1:1 remake. Check the valleys out. i also included the famous scenes where troopships sweep by.

Please do not modify the map as I have further plans with it.
If you are interested in the process you can contact me here (on the forums) or in e-mail.

Special thanks to the humble people over at the Unreal Multiplayer Discord channel who helped me with that suddenly occuring freak-texture bug. ~Xaleros, Kajgue


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