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UMSSpaceMarine 1.08 mod FINAL ver released

Discussion in 'Unreal' started by Asgard, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Asgard

    Asgard New Member

    Oct 6, 2000
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    Yeah I know I said 1.07 was the final ver but shortly after I noticed there was a prob with the radars dot's colors for online play, not replicating. This has now been fixed as I just couldnt leave it like that for a final ver.
    So now 1.08 is the final ver.
    UMSSpaceMarine is a mod designed for Unreal 1, but made compatible for UT.

    Features include UMSSpaceMarine ScriptedPawns (monsters) of 4 different types with 16 variations of the UMSSpaceMarine, which includes male and female and an UMSSpaceCadet Class.
    UMSSpaceMarines kill bots on sight.

    A new type of armor "MarineSuits" which has 4 variations. Jungle marine suit, Arctic marine suit,
    Desert marine suit and SpaceMarine Suit. Unlike other armors, the marinesuits are actually worn by the player or bots using marine meshes and contain radar and Independent marine voice ability.
    Select voices from the voice menu or use hotkeys which can also be created from within its own in-game menu system.
    While wearing a suit you gain around an "extra" 70 male or 70 female voices
    (comments and taunts).
    Each suit also comes with its own special abilities, self recharging armor and power supply.
    Camera system so team mates can view your location via a portal window.
    Jungle marine suit - cloaking ability
    Arctic marine suit - Greater swim speed
    Desert marine suit - Greater land speed
    SpaceMarine Suit - Greater jumps

    Laser tripwire mines included for blowing up unwary enemies.

    Also included is a mutator for placing Marinesuits and Tripwires into maps that don't have these items already placed in, "SpaceMarinez".

    Supports DM, Coop and some team based Games for Unreal1 and UT.

    Available here..

    So hope you enjoy


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