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UE3 - General UE4 (Indie) - Epoch Games Recruitment

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by lnsanity, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. lnsanity

    lnsanity New Member

    Jun 23, 2014
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    Epoch Games is currently recruiting for additional team-members.

    Epoch Games is an all-volunteer team of (currently) 19 members, all of whom are dedicated in our task of making amazing games. Our current project is named Lays of Althas: Sundered Order, more information about which may be found below. Our team is comprised of like-minded individuals who enjoy playing and creating games, and we come from all over the world. We coordinate via online means, including Skype-chat, online forums, and dedicated project-management software. As our project is very large in scope, we are constantly on the search for new team-members in order to help us further our vision to create an immersive and fun RPG. As our team is comprised of volunteers who work at their own pace, we do not expect full-time work, but some degree of dedication to the project is expected. Interested individuals should visit our forums and post an application under the Applications subforum (a link is provided below).

    Lays of Althas: Sundered Order is a single-player, medieval-low-fantasy RPG being developed utilising Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4, for Windows PCs. The game is set to feature an expansive, living world that will evolve and grow by itself, instead of revolving around the player’s actions. The game is currently planned to be released Chapter by Chapter, with each bringing new regional content and gameplay features. It may also be of note that Lays of Althas: Sundered Order was voted into IndieDB's top 100 upcoming indie games in 2013.

    Additional information about Epoch Games and the Lays of Althas: Sundered Order may be found on our respective IndieDB pages:
    Epoch Games: http://www.indiedb.com/company/epoch-games
    The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-lays-of-althas-sundered-order
    Forums link: www.epochgames.co.uk/forum

    We are currently searching for developers of many disciplines, including 3d Modeller, 3d Animator, Coder/Programmer, and Level Designer. Other roles may also be considered, however some parts of our team are saturated and, as such, it would difficult to find additional openings (these include Writer, Concept Artist, and Music Composer). Some basic requirements for joining the team are listed below:
    -A solid grasp of English. Our team uses English as our main means of communication. As our team is international, perfect English is not expected, but it is required in order to coordinate.
    -Team-working skills. Team members must be able to work well with others.
    -Skype account. Our team conducts meetings and coordination through Skype, and while it is not required for team members to be online all the time, it is advisable to have an account linked to our developer-chat.
    -20 dollars. For team members who have to work with the game engine directly, such as Level Designers, 20 dollars is required in order to gain a copy of Unreal Engine 4. As our team is not yet funded, we are yet unable to pay for team members.

    If additional information is required, we may be reached by our IndieDB page(s) or forums. I may personally be reached through PM or at my email at runescaperian@gmail.com - I will be glad to answer any questions about our team and project. We will also reply to any posts on this thread.

    Some examples of our previous work: (All assets are original)
    Disclaimer: Landscaping work is outdated, as these images were rendered in CryEngine before our switch to Unreal Engine 4. Architectural assets are also outdated.
    Concept art:

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