U4E Jailbreak

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What the hell is this "ballin" thing?
Hey there, I was just mucking around the internets and stumbled across U4E for the 50000th time. I've always been hesitant to install it because it's too thematically crazy for me, far too much going on. But today I discovered that it comes with a version of Jailbreak. Do you guys know anything about it? Anyone here give it a spin back in the day? Are there some classic JB maps I haven't played that were designed for U4E?


Staff member
Jun 4, 2001
This the first time I heard that U4E includes some kind of Jailbreak mode. The official U4E site at PlanetUnreal seems to no longer exist and the ModDB site doesn't mention it, so no idea what that was about. (Also ModDB can go eff themselves for requiring log-in for a download.)